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Free Comic Book Day 2019!

2019-04-18 13:49:48

It's that time of year again!  The first Saturday in May (so May 4th) is Free Comic Book Day!  It's also Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), and it's release day for the latest Magic the Gathering set War of the Spark!  We're opening up a half hour early on May 4th, at 9:30 a.m., so come on out and get free comic books along with EVERYTHING IN THE STORE on sale!  

Black Friday All Weekend!

2018-11-23 18:16:51


It's Black Friday At Geek Inc Comics!

2017-11-20 13:17:51

That's right fans, Black Friday is back! From November 24th through 26th everything in the store is on sale up to 50% off (even high end rare collectibles that NEVER go on sale)! Get here early on Friday to get first look at everything, because once it's gone, it's gone for good! Thousands of $1 back issues, half off trade paperbacks, discount toys both old and new, even discounted graded books and high end wall books! That's Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th, only at Geek Inc Comics, 994 W. Army Trail Road, in Carol Stream, IL 60188!

Recent Podcasts

Mighty Cast Episode 61 - Back In Black!

2018-03-10 16:10:31

Hello there fans, so after an unexpected hiatus we're back!  This week of course we're talking about the amaizng success of the Black Panther, the latest in movie news and rumors, what's happening on TV, and of course the latest in the world of comic books.  So tune in, catch up, and know that it's good to be back!

Mighty Cast 60: Our First Look At Infinity War!

2017-12-07 17:40:58

This is it fans, the first official trailer for Infinity War has landed! Paul and Bill are here to break down every exciting second, but first let's take a look at what else is happening in your world. Justice League continues it's run at the box office, but the news it's making isn't what DC fans could have hoped for. Marvel is about to have some new toys to play with as it looks like the deal is practically done with Disney trying to purchase Fox Studios. Comic book TV is carrying on with a few underwhelming entries (looking at you, Walking Dead), and some surprisingly fun ones. Then, finally, it's time. Avengers Infinity War is the culmination of the most impressive endeavor to ever hit the box office, and our first full look at is just amazing. Check out this weeks podcast for a full scene by scene break down, then let us know what you think at Facebook.com/MightyCon!

Thank you as always for listening, and we'll see you again next week!

Mighty Cast Episode 59: Justice League Time!

2017-11-25 20:40:41

Welcome back fans, it's time for another looks at the world of comics and pop culture! A lot has happened since we last spoke, so this week we're taking a look at some massive shake ups at both Marvel and DC, with some really surprising staff changes at both camps. Then we look at The Punisher, Netflix's latest offering from the Marvel live. And finally, the big story, what everyone came out for, a look at DC's biggest movie to date, Justice League. They've been leading up to this for years, but was it worth the wait? And where will the DC cinematic universe be headed from here? Tune in to find out, and as always let us know on Facebook what you think. That'll do it for this week folks, and thanks as always for tuning in!