Mighty Cast Episode 7: New York Bound!

Mighty Cast Episode 7: New York Bound!

This is the last cast we’re doing before heading off to New York for the New York Comic Con, so expect our next show to have tons of amazing updates coming out of that convention!

Bill, Paul, and Kat are all back giving you an update on the newest comics, the latest in TV and movie rumors, and a few other random goodies.

Marvel has dropped the ball a bit with their secret wars line, with the final issue now being pushed to November, but the post secret wars titles starting now in early October.

They have, however, possibly leaked out their Netflix wave 2 characters, including some obvious ones like Punisher and Deathlok, plus Spider Woman and Moon Knight.

Television is getting exciting again, with Flash and Arrow returning shortly, plus Walking Dead coming back, along with Agents of SHIELD and a ton of other great geek favorites.

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Mighty Cast Episode 6: Summertime Blues

Mighty Cast is back for Episode 6: The Summertime Blues.


Kat returns this week to join Bill and Paul in discussing the latest from the world of comic cons, upcoming shows, new releases, and of course the latest in TV and Movie news.

Bill just returned from Cincy Comic Con, and gives the low down on that, as well as a heads up on several upcoming Wizard World shows.  The gang then discusses some upcoming movies and TV series, reveling in the fact that as summer winds down to a close, fall is sneaking up with a whole slew of new seasons of good TV.  After all, we can’t survive on just Rick and Morty much longer, and Fear The Walking Dead just isn’t cutting it. DC carries the weight of the new TV season, with the return of Arrow, Flash, and Gotham in just a few weeks.

Several great new comics are out this week, including a bunch of Secret Wars tie in books from Marvel.  Don’t forget to check out our weekly What’s New video series here!

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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Tournament Sept. 12th at Geek Inc!

CoD: MW3 Tournament Saturday, Sept. 12th at Geek Inc Comics!

That’s right, on Saturday, September 12th at 2:00 p.m. we’ll be hosting a Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 tournament at Geek Inc. Comics in Hanover Park, IL!

With a low $5 entry fee, this tournament will be held in a 2 v 2 style, with teams of 2 players going head to head until a winning team is crowned.  First and second place teams will get trophies, and the first place team will even go home with a cash prize!

The console of choice will be the X-Box 360, and players can bring their own controllers.

Please join up on our Facebook page and let everyone know you’ll be attending, and don’t forget to share with your friends, family, and neighbors!  To get to the event page, click here.

Geek inc Comics is open from 11 to 7 Monday through Friday, from 10 to 7 on Saturdays, and from 11 to 5 on Sundays.  We’re located at 5654 Arlington Drive East in Hanover Park, IL just off of Lake Street.  Aside from a giant selection of new and back issue comics, we feature toys, games, rare collectibles, and of course events like this one here!

Mighty Cast Episode 5: A Shakeup At DC

Mighty Cast Episode 5: A Shakeup At DC

Mighty Cast is back this week with Bill and Paul on the mics.  We start off with a tribute to the recently deceased Wes Craven, a true legend in the film industry and one of the most successful horror film creators ever.  His library covers 5 decades of film making, and even includes an early comic book adaptation in Swamp Thing.

Then, the guys get into a major move at DC Comics.  Warner Bros., DCs parent company, has issued an order to stop trying to create wild and crazy new storylines that don’t have any staying power, and instead return to their roots.  While no time line has been given for this, the move seems to be a very sharp response to falling DC comic book sales and more out there story lines such as Commissioner Gordon becoming Batman in a giant mechanical suit.  It’s unknown how much this edict may or may not effect the movie universe, as DC and Warner Bros. have famously for years been behind the 8-ball when it comes to putting out competitive blockbusters.

Finally, the guys discuss a few recent conventions, a few upcoming conventions, and a very special announcement.  Geek Inc. Comics was set up last week at Lake Count I Con at the Lake County fairgrounds just Northwest of Chicago, and Bill gives a quick review of that show.  They then give a quick preview of a mini-con taking place in Chicago this weekend that the shop will be set up at called The World Vintage Toy & Collectible show, which hopes to become a monthly show.  Next up is the Cincy Comic Con, taking place the second weekend in September in Cincinnati Ohio, and featuring an incredible slew of comic book artists and writers.  Then, finally, Bill makes the big announcement of the St. Louis Comic Con, coming in June of 2016, and their first big guest in legendary artist George Perez!  This will be Mighty Con’s first show in St. Louis, and we can’t wait to see everyone there!

Thanks for tuning in this week, and we’ll see you again next week!