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Mighty Cast Episode 25: What’s So Civil About War?

Mighty Cast Episode 25: What’s So Civil About War?

Welcome back folks, we’re here again to talk about this biggest hit of the year (so far at least), Captain America: Civil War! First a little bit of housekeeping, then on to the big review.

Last week saw a lot of television programs getting cancelled (or rather, “not renewed”), and unfortunately Agent Carter was on the chopping block. This was a show that had a definite shelf life, since it takes place as a prequel to to a well fleshed out world. Still, sad to see it go.

A few other shows have some big updates, including the return of Fish Mooney to Gotham and Game of Thrones continuing it’s whirlwind season.

Several big comic series are also seeing their ends coming up, including Visions, American Alien, Darth Vader, and several DC series that are shortly being rebooted in the Rebirth story line.

But here we are, Civil War has come out, and it’s a huge smash. It’s already rocketed well past Batman v Superman’s worldwide box office, and will very shortly break the billion dollar mark. Was it as good as those numbers imply?

Bill and Paul both thoroughly enjoyed it, despite having a few misgivings about some of the technical aspects. They also came down on different ends of the spectrum, with Bill leaning towards team Iron Man and Paul firmly in the team Cap camp. Which do you prefer? Jump on to our Facebook page and let us know.

Overall though the movie gets a resounding thumbs up, and we can’t recommend seeing it enough.  It’s not perfect, but is a great step forward for the MCU, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

That about wraps it up for this week, so give us a listen and be sure to let us know what you think!  Thanks again, and we’ll see you soon!


Mighty Cast Episode 24: Civil War Is Here!

Mighty Cast Episode 24: Civil War Is Here!

Welcome back friends, we’re back this week with a review of what’s new.  And this week, the biggest news is Captain America: Civil War!  With the international opening netting a whopping 200 million dollars (without China and Italy too), the hype on this one seems to be real.  The movie hits American shores this weekend, so we’ll give a more thorough review next week.  But expect this one to smash some major records, especially with Spiderman finally joining the MCU.

This week also sees the first of the 52nd issues of New 52 titles hitting shelves, which will be the final ones for many series.  Rebirth begins soon, and it’s already got a couple heavy critics in comic world legends Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen.  What they’ve said about it will definitely raise an eyebrow or two.

And then we get into some of the biggest geek TV news in a while in this weeks Game of Thrones episode.  *SPOILER ALERT* This is it folks, this is the week we finally find out that John Snow….is ALIVE! This has been the biggest mystery since Who Shot Mr. Burns (or Who Shot J.R. if you’re a bit older), and even people who weren’t into the show were asking about it. Paul gives his take as someone who’s only seen a handful of episodes, and Bill chimes in as someone who’s read every page of the books. The episode ends on a high note, with John Snow opening his eyes after being resurrected by the Red Priestess and taking a few gasping breathes with his wolf at his side.  Be sure to tune in next week to see how this all plays out as well.

This about rounds it out this week folks, as always we can’t wait to hear what else you have to say, so let us know on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all in a week!

Massive Free Comic Book Day Sale 4/7/16


That’s right folks, Free Comic Book Day is coming and we’re putting everything on sale!  New comics, old comics, and best of all FREE comics!  We’ve got hundreds of free comics to give away, then we’re giving away bonus back issues with every purchase, then giving you a coupon for another free back issue later in May, then on top of that we’re taking 25% off EVERYTHING in the store!  High end wall books, new action figures, even consignment items!  We’re opening up a half hour early, so that’s 9:30 to 7 on Saturday, May 7th for the biggest sale of the year!

Flyer - Geek Inc - Free Comicbook Day - 2016

Mighty Cast Episode 23: Free Comic Book Day!

Mighty Cast Episode 23: Free Comic Book Day!

Welcome back fans, this week we’re looking ahead to Free Comic Book Day 2016!

We also welcome back Kat to the podcast after a long absence.  And she’s here to help give a free preview of the incredible line up of titles that we’re giving away for FREE on free comic book day this year.  Every year for the first Saturday in May, publishers across the industry get together to give away tons of free comics to fans everywhere.  Some of these are new previews that give you the first look at characters, and some of them are old classics like this years free copy of Suicide Squad #1.

On the convention news front, this week Wizard World’s CEO resigned, and a new head of the company takes over.  What this means in the long term is anybody’s guess, but stay tuned here and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Game of Thrones is back on TV this week, as well as the season finale of Lucifer which was already renewed for a second season.  SHIELD continues their Inhumans arc, which unfortunately is the only outlet we’ll have for those characters for a while as the Inhumans movie has been pushed back indefinitely.

Finally we get a look at this weeks new comics, which includes the final issue of the now epic Snyder/Capullo run on Batman.  This 50+ issue run has carried us through years and introduced us to a ton of new characters and groups, but we knew it had to come to an end eventually. We’ll miss this duo, but have a lot to look forward to with the coming Rebirth of DC storylines.  This massive overhaul of the company will hopefully get continuity under control and keep us entertained for the next few years.

Thank you all for tuning in, and we’ll see you again next week!