MightyCast Episode 4: Wizard World Recovery

MightyCast Episode 4 is here, and this week we give you the low down on what you missed and what you didn’t from the big Wizard World Chicago show.  Once one of the largest shows in the world, WW Chicago has become a bit on the overpriced side for what you get, and Paul & Bill were there all weekend to give their perspective from the sides of both vendors and fans.

The big Chicago show has gotten to be a huge expense for both vendors and for fans hoping to attend the show, and no longer offers an incredible amount more than other less expensive shows.

Then the two cover the premier of Fear The Walking Dead, which also shambled its way to mediocrity, getting off to a very slow start as the characters are established, showing enough promise to merit watching another episode or two, but not quite standing on its own.

Finally, Summerslam also took place last weekend, and the guys give a quick overview of the results, including the Green Arrow himself Stephen Amell getting himself a tag team win.  So take a listen, and don’t forget to jump on to our Facebook page and let us know what you think of our questions this week!

MightyCast Episode 3: The Best Ever?

This weeks MightyCast features the return of Kat to the table, and her and Paul have their takes on Fantastic Four (spoiler alert, they’re not good).  Paul then brings up an interesting question, is the MCU the best film franchise ever?  Other contenders brought up are the Bond films, the Harry Potter series, of course Star Wars and Star Trek.  But what do you think fans, is the MCU better than them all?

Finally they run over what’s new this week with some fresh recommendations, and give a quick sneak peak at this weeks Wizard World Chicago convention.  Take a listen fans and let us know what you think!

Mighty Cast Episode 2 – Fantastic Failure

Did you see the Fantastic Four last weekend?  No, of course you didn’t, no one did.  Well, no one except your loyal Geek Inc. crew, who were happy to fall on that grenade just so they could bring this latest podcast with a review and summary of the latest from Fox studios.

Bill and Paul are back to talk about the latest Fantastic Four movie, what worked and what didn’t, as well as upcoming comic book series, new releases, and of course the big event of Wizard World Chicago!  To take a listen and let us know what you’d like to hear more of on our Facebook page!

Mighty Cast Episode 1 – Welcome Back

That’s right folks, Mighty Cast is back!  The official podcast of Geek Inc Comics (and the Mighty Con shows), this weeks episode features Bill and Paul with special guest Kat from Geek Inc. chatting it up about super hero movies old and new, upcoming comics, and some sad news from the world of professional wrestling.

We open with a thorough discussion of The Death Of Superman Lives, a new documentary on the ill fated Superman Lives movie that was set to be directed by Tim Burton and star Nicholas Cage.  This film has become legendary thanks to a few leaked images online, and the documentary The Death Of Superman Lives seeks to answer questions on what exactly happened and what the film may have been like if it was completed.

On the topic of movies, the gang then goes over the whole slew of trailers and upcoming projects that were released at San Diego, as well as some better known stuff that was around even before that.   From DC titles Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad to Marvel pictures like Deadpool and Winter Soldier, and even a new Star Wars film, the upcoming year is going to be a huge year for comic and pop culture films.

Then, they take a minute to reminisce about the legend that was Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Roddy passed away last weekend, and holds a special place in the hearts of any wrestling fan who grew up in the 80s and early 90s.

Finally, a preview of what’s coming out this week in terms of new comics!  Some great books coming out, like every week, and the gang covers what they’re reading and what they recommend.  So take a listen and enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you next week on the next episode of Mighty Cast!