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St. Louis Comic Con Passes On Sale Now

2016-02-04 22:04:41

Geek Inc Comics is a proud sponsor of the St. Louis Comic Con, and we’re just as excited as everyone else to announce that passes are on sale now!  Check them out here:


And get yours today!  VIP passes are limited, so don’t wait.

We can’t say anything yet, but we do know there’s a few more big guest additions coming, and we’re really looking forward to this show.  The St. Louis region is one of our favorites, and we can’t wait to hang out with all the great fans there this sum

Weekly Gaming Tournaments Now At Geek Inc

2016-01-05 03:32:00

Starting now, Geek Inc. Comics will be hosting weekly gaming tournaments!  To kick things off, every Tuesday night at 6:30 come on by for a Heroclix tournament with great prizes.  Open to everyone, with free tutorials for new players, Heroclix is one of the most popular and addictive miniature figure games around!

Then, swing by Saturday nights at 5:00 p.m. for Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments every week!  More great prizes, and open to all levels of skill players.

Keep an eye out here for more to come, and we’ll see you there!  That’s at

Geek Inc Comics

5654 Arlington Drive East

Hanover Park, IL 60133

It’s our biggest sale of the year at Geek Inc Comics!

2016-01-05 02:13:13

Black Friday is upon us, and we’ll be opening up at 8 A.M. on Friday, November 27th!  Everything in the store is on sale, so be sure to get in early.  The first 10 customers get free Mighty Con Mystery Boxes, and the first 100 customers all get free comics!  We’re putting out thousands upon thousands of new comics that you can grab at $1 each, and hundreds of new toys and collectibles are now in stock!  Come on out, this sale lasts all weekend, but all the best deals will get grabbed up fast!

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Mighty Cast Episode 31: Welcome Back Kat!

2016-10-18 17:21:03

Mighty Cast Episode 31: Welcome Back Kat!


Hello there fans, it's Tuesday and that means time for another Mighty Cast, brought to you by Geek Inc. Comics!  This week we welcome back Kat after being away from the podcast mics, and she's here to give her personal take on New York Comic Con as well as everything else pop culture.  We also get into this weeks new comic releases, as well as the surprising sales figures for September comic books.  It was a rough month for Marvel, but do they have anyone to blame but themselves?  Listen in to find out why. 

Finally in TV, it's here it's here, it's finally here!  The Walking Dead is back this Sunday night, and we finally get to see who Negan killed.  Will it be Carl?  We can only hope.

Thank you all for listening, and as always let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

Mighty Cast Episode 30: New York Comic Con

2016-10-11 17:31:50

Welcome back folks, this week we're looking back at New York Comic Con.  One of the largest shows in the world (in fact, debatibly The Largest), New York Comic Con took place last weekend.  While the show typically boasts dozens of huge reveals and news tid-bits, this year was a bit on the lean side.  Paul and Bill break down everything you need to know, with the news and reviews.

They then look back at Luke Cage, which we're hoping everyone has had a chance to see by now. This leads into a long discussion on fan service, and why it can actually hurt a movie or TV show when trying to make people happy.

Finally we get a look at this weeks comic releases, including a whole slew of DC titles, some new offerings from Marvel, and some old favorites from Image.  So take a listen, and as always let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

Mighty Cast Episode 29: Welcome Back

2016-10-04 15:16:18

Hey there fans, it's time again for your weekly serving of geek news!  On this weeks Mighty Cast, we chat it up about Netflix's Luke Cage, Wonder Woman's newest twist on an already convaluted origin, and look ahead at New York Comic Con!  Plus tons of great new titles in the world of comics this week, including our pick of the week in Max Landis' newest offering, Green Valley. Marvel is lauching several big titles, including it's newest event Death of X, the spin off from a crazy-popular What If issue, Deadpool: Back In Black featuring Deadpool being taken over by the Venom symbiote, and Champions, a title that Marvel is staking a lot of its future on.  We have a big new rumor on the Dr. Strange movie, and the return of a few favorite TV titles to look forward to.  So tune in, and as always let us know on Facebook what you think!  Thanks fans, and we'll see you next week!