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2016-11-23 12:19:02

This Friday, from a special 8 a.m. opening time until close on Sunday at 5 p.m. it's our Black Friday / Anniversary sale!  Everything in the store is on sale, so get that holiday shopping done early!  It's 25% off ALL back issues, including high end wall books and graded books, 25% off on toys, t-shirts, posters, and statues.  50% off on trades and all $2 back issues, making those thousands upon thousands of books just $1 each!

That's this Friday, November 25th starting at 8 a.m.!

St. Louis Comic Con Passes On Sale Now

2016-02-04 22:04:41

Geek Inc Comics is a proud sponsor of the St. Louis Comic Con, and we’re just as excited as everyone else to announce that passes are on sale now!  Check them out here:


And get yours today!  VIP passes are limited, so don’t wait.

We can’t say anything yet, but we do know there’s a few more big guest additions coming, and we’re really looking forward to this show.  The St. Louis region is one of our favorites, and we can’t wait to hang out with all the great fans there this sum

Weekly Gaming Tournaments Now At Geek Inc

2016-01-05 03:32:00

Starting now, Geek Inc. Comics will be hosting weekly gaming tournaments!  To kick things off, every Tuesday night at 6:30 come on by for a Heroclix tournament with great prizes.  Open to everyone, with free tutorials for new players, Heroclix is one of the most popular and addictive miniature figure games around!

Then, swing by Saturday nights at 5:00 p.m. for Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments every week!  More great prizes, and open to all levels of skill players.

Keep an eye out here for more to come, and we’ll see you there!  That’s at

Geek Inc Comics

5654 Arlington Drive East

Hanover Park, IL 60133

Recent Podcasts

Mighty Cast Episode 40: It's 2017!

2017-01-04 16:38:38

Welcome back folks, we're here for our first show of 2017!  It's the first week of the year and already there's plenty of crazy convention drama to cover, as well as a ton of new comic book issues and new a bit of movie news.

Last weekend was the Marvelous Nerd Years Eve, and already the internet is buzzing about this crazy show.  Details are still forthcoming, but we'll give you a quick rundown on what you need to know.  Then Wizard World St. Louis is coming up this weekend, but this will be one of the saddest shows ever as it's main headliner passed away very unexpectedly last week.

Dr. Strange has been confirmed for Thor: Ragnorok, and we're about to come out of the winter break for lots of our favorite TV shows.  What are you most anxious to see return and wrap up for the season?

Finally there's a ton of new issues out, but not all of them are great.  Marvel has been missing its mark for a while now, and we give some theories on why and what titles are still worth checking out.  Some great new independant titles are still worth checking out, so tune in to see what's what on the comic front.


As always we appreciate everyone listening, so let us know what you think and anything you'd like to hear about on our Facebook page!

Mighty Cast 39 - Goodbye 2016!

2016-12-20 16:50:10

Well folks, this is it, the last noise of 2016!  We give a run down of the good and the bad from Rogue One, which premiered in a huge way last weekend and took the world by storm.  Was it everything the numbers make it sound like?  Tune in to find out!

Then after a quick look at this weeks new releases, it's time to go over the top 10 moments in pop culture from 2016.  It was a long long year, one filled with ups and downs.  There were a lot of memorable moments though, and both Paul and Bill give you their favorites to chew over.  So take a listen, and let us know what ones we may have missed on the Facebook page.

As always, thank you all for tuning in!  It's been a great year, and we can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

Mighty Cast Episode 38 - New Comic Wednesday!

2016-12-15 13:07:39

Welcome back fans!  So after a couple of slow weeks at the new issue racks, every great new title in the world it seems is coming out this week!  Paul and Bill give a quick rundown of the latest movie and TV news, then get into the bevy of new titles that coming out this week.  From classic heavy hitters like Action and Detective comics to new event titles like I v X to wonderful independant releases like Descender, Green Valley, Reborn, and Ninja Turtles, listen in to get the full list.  

They finish out by running down the big movie releases from 2016 and giving a top five list, with super hero titles of course dominating the list.

Thank you all, and we'll see you next week!