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Mighty Cast Episode 22: Let’s Welcome Cary!

Mighty Cast Episode 22: Let’s Welcome Cary!

We’re back this week with a special guest, longtime friend of Mighty Con and Geek Inc Comics Cary D.!  Cary joins us to give a regular fans view on two hot button topics as of late, the decline of large conventions and Batman v Superman.

We start with Wizard World, which released it’s annual report today. As expected, they showed massive losses last year to the tune of 4.3 million dollars, and have been canceling more shows that they tried out last year in new locations.  Their report relays concerns about waning crowds, but also keeps up the mistaken view that the answer is to get bigger movie and pop culture stars in order to fix the problem. Will they get around to bringing back the great conventions of old? Only time will tell.

Then the gang gets into Batman vs Superman, which fell to the #4 spot last week signaling the imminent end of it’s box office run. It looks like the film will possibly top $350 million domestically, but will get no where near the $400+ million that it cost to produce. We get more into the mechanics behind making movies and how large scale disasters come about. There may be hope for the DC movie-verse, but not without some top level changes at Warner Brothers.

Finally a quick over view of this weeks new releases, including some great new Marvel and DC titles, a new Image Firsts #1 for Deadly Class, and the first trade paperbacks for a shop favorite in I Hate Fairyland.

That’s it for this week folks, we want to thank Cary for joining us and we look forward to having him back sometime soon. As always, let us know what you think on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all next time!

Mighty Cast Episode 21: The Fall Of Wizard Cons

Mighty Cast Episode 21: The Fall Of Wizard Cons

Paul and Bill are back this week to look at another recent Wizard World Convention, which was yet another let down compared to previous years.

This is sadly getting to be a habit, and unfortunately the downward slide doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Guest cancellations are turning out to be the hardest hitting blow to the integrity of the shows, with the majority of last weeks big guests bowing out.  For some of these guests, that makes a couple shows in a row that they were supposed to originally be at.

Madison Wizard World is on it’s second year, and between fans not being happy with what they paid to get in and vendors/artists not being happy with the turn out, the second year may very well be it’s last. Guests like the Matt Smith (Dr. Who), Kristen Ritter (Jessica Jones), and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) all being heavily promoted then dropped at the last second is brutal for the reliability of a show that once was by far the biggest name in touring conventions.  Combine that with the fact that the number of county fair style booths like heated pads, laser vision correction, and blood testing now out numbers the number of comic dealers on a regular basis, and it’s a travesty to even call this a Comic Con.

Bill and Paul then get into some of the latest movie and TV news, including lifting the ban on spoilers for the Walking Dead season finale and the latest Batman v Superman numbers.  The summer of movies keeps rolling through, and they also talk about the new Suicide Squad footage as well as the latest on Civil War.

Finally, a quick look at this weeks new releases, including some new titles from Image comics and the release of the much awaited Moon Knight #1 from Marvel.

That’s it for this week folks, as always let us know what you think on the Facebook page, and we’ll see you again soon!

Mighty Cast Episode 20: Wizards and Wrestling

Mighty Cast Episode 20: Wizards and Wrestling

Welcome back everyone to another Mighty Cast!  This week, Bill and Paul are looking into the latest round of Wizard World shows along with a review of pro wrestling’s biggest night, Wrestlemania!

Wizard World St. Louis was last weekend, and this time around the show just wasn’t what the guys were looking for. For what was once the biggest name in shows, what we saw last weekend was a dim shadow of what it once was.  A small handful of comic dealers next to over double the number of county fair style booths like bath fitters and gutter filters, booths that don’t even have a tenuous connection to pop culture or collecting. Add on top guest cancellations and high ticket prices, and this was a show that just doesn’t get people excited about coming back next year.

Wizard has also announced their next venture in a comic con cruise, so stay tuned for details on that.  But stop back here next week for our review of Wizard World Madison and see if that show has at least gained ground.

Next up is Wrestlemania, the biggest event of the year for the WWE. Paul and Bill give a quick run down of the matches that took place, along with a look at the talent that WWE has in their current roster. This includes the obvious comparisons to the talent of old, and what the current roster means for the future of the WWE.

Finally a quick look at the weeks television, including the season finale of Walking Dead that’s left some fans in the lurch.  The guys avoided any spoilers this week, but stop back next week for a more thorough look at the episode.

Last up is a run down on this weeks new comics, so take a listen and see what’s new.  Thank you all for stopping by, as always let us know what you think on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all again next week!

Mighty Cast Episode 19: Batman V Superman V Everyone

Mighty Cast Episode 19: Batman V Superman V Everyone

Welcome back everyone, we’re here for another weekly podcast.  This week the big topic is of course the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It opened to big dollars and low critic scores, so is it worth your time?

Bill and Paul share their reviews of it, with Bill coming in more middle of the road and Paul outright disliking it.  There were a few solid parts, but the story needed a lot of work and the overall treatment just didn’t live up to what we’ve seen in the past.  The overall verdict is check it out if you’re a big fan of the characters, but maybe wait for the discount theaters or Redbox.  If you were on the fence, might not be worth your time.  But, that’s for you to decide fans, take a listen to our view and see if that helps.

Next up is a run down of the latest in TV developments, with SHIELD no longer subtly leading up to the next big Marvel movie and instead now just straight up setting the stage for it with this weeks episode. Plus Flash, Gotham, Arrow, Walking Dead, and more keep on rolling strong.

Finally, DC has dropped some news on their upcoming Rebirth event, which will see the relaunch of all their titles starting over at issue #1.  Their Wondercon panel made it seem like this will be more focused on the creative teams behind the titles instead of making a big shift in the characters or their world, which could be a good thing based on the teams they have lined up and the results we’ve seen from Marvel doing something similar with their Marvel NOW launch.

That’s it for this week folks, give it a listen and as always let us know what you think on the Facebook page.  Thanks for tuning in!