Mighty Cast Episode 43 - We'll Miss You Hugh!

2017-03-07 16:51:32

Welcome back fans!  So this week is what we've been waiting for, Super Hero movie season kicks off with Logan!  And what a movie it was...everything we've been waiting for in an R-rate Wolverine.  Paul and Bill break down what made it work so well, some interesting trivia you may not have caught, and what we can look forward to in future X-movies. They then get into some more upcoming movie news, and then some big TV news with the casting (and filming) of the Inhumans TV show.  The casting looks spot on, and we can't wait to see how this show shapes up after SHIELD has begun to get us interested in the Inhumans again. 

Finally a bit of convention news, and then of course this weeks comic book picks.  All in all another fun filled episode, so take a listen and let us know what you think!