Mighty Cast Episode 42

2017-02-20 14:09:09

Welcome back everyone, after a bit of a break we've got tons of news to talk about this week. We're about to hit movie season for 2017, and so far things are looking great for Fox and bad for Warner Bros.  Logan is getting rave reviews out of the gate, and Legion is making huge waves on TV.  But on the other side of the fence, more troubles are surrounding Batman, so exepct some bad news in the weeks to come. 

Walking Dead is back, but can it capture the magic of previous seasons?  Or are we in for another half season of meh programming?  Tune on in to find out!

Marvel is teasing their new storyline Secret Empire heavily, but can they catch up to the storyline monster that is DC Rebirth?  And what happened to the mighty Marvel, that once was such an unstoppable force?

All this and much more on this weeks Mighty Cast!