Mighty Cast 39 - Goodbye 2016!

2016-12-20 15:50:10

Well folks, this is it, the last noise of 2016!  We give a run down of the good and the bad from Rogue One, which premiered in a huge way last weekend and took the world by storm.  Was it everything the numbers make it sound like?  Tune in to find out!

Then after a quick look at this weeks new releases, it's time to go over the top 10 moments in pop culture from 2016.  It was a long long year, one filled with ups and downs.  There were a lot of memorable moments though, and both Paul and Bill give you their favorites to chew over.  So take a listen, and let us know what ones we may have missed on the Facebook page.

As always, thank you all for tuning in!  It's been a great year, and we can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!