Mighty Cast Episode 35: Happy Thanksgiving!

2016-11-22 18:08:58

Welcome back everybody, we're glad to be here this terrific Thanksgiving week.  Paul and Bill coming at you, with the latest on Comic book related movie and TV news, as well as a few othe bits of fun.  We start off with the surprise that Avengers: Infinity War has already begun filming, so expect lots of great news coming out of that set shortly.  We've got a bit of a lull until any new comic related movies come out, although we are celebrating this week the anniversary of the start of the modern comic book movie era with the release of Blade in 1998. Paul and Bill also look back fondly at the Casting Call articles of Wizard magazine that used to predict who should play what part if comic book movies ever became a thing.

We look at some convention news, with Wizard World looking at some potential future trouble but otherwise posting one of their best financial reports in a long time.  The Dupage Comic Con was a terrific success, and the Quad Cities Comic Con is coming up soon.

Finally we have tons of new releases this week, and listen in to get our new Pick of the Week.

Thank you all, and as always check in on Facebook to let us know what you think!