Mighty Cast Episode 32: Walking Dead Is Back!

2016-10-26 07:49:40

Mighty Cast Episode 32: Walking Dead Is Back!


Welcome back to your weekly podcast!  This week we've got some sad news and some good news, but let's start with the sad bit.  Last week comic artist and co-creator of Preacher (plus long time Marvel artist) Steve Dillon passed away unexpectedly. Steve was still a young man in his mid 50s, and his passing will leave a very big hole in the comic book world.  We'll miss you Steve, and we'll always remember you through your work.  

Lots of movie news last week, with the release of trailers for Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Logan shows some promise, but also shows hints of the problems we've seen with other Fox movie efforts.  Guardians hasn't given us much yet, but the very little we have seen looks fun. The early reviews for Dr. Strange are in, and while overwhelmingly positive, they're not quite the rave reviews we were hoping to see.  The take away is it's a good movie, worth seeing, but don't expect it to change cinema or anything like that.

Some great new comics out this week, but our pick of the week is easily one of our most anticipated issues of the year, Vision #12.  This is the final issue in the series, and it goes out with a bang.  Be sure to get over to Geek Inc. Comics to grab yourself a copy quickly while they last!

Then we get to the big news of the week, the bit that everyone has waited months and months for....The Return Of Walking Dead!  That's right, we finally find out who Negan killed, and it's a bit of a swerve from what we were expecting. We won't spoil it in the text here, but be sure to give the whole podcast a listen and get a summary of the episode along with some insight on how this compares to the comic.

Thank you all for tuning in, and as always check in on Facebook to let us know what you think!