Mighty Cast Episode 29: Welcome Back

2016-10-04 15:16:18

Hey there fans, it's time again for your weekly serving of geek news!  On this weeks Mighty Cast, we chat it up about Netflix's Luke Cage, Wonder Woman's newest twist on an already convaluted origin, and look ahead at New York Comic Con!  Plus tons of great new titles in the world of comics this week, including our pick of the week in Max Landis' newest offering, Green Valley. Marvel is lauching several big titles, including it's newest event Death of X, the spin off from a crazy-popular What If issue, Deadpool: Back In Black featuring Deadpool being taken over by the Venom symbiote, and Champions, a title that Marvel is staking a lot of its future on.  We have a big new rumor on the Dr. Strange movie, and the return of a few favorite TV titles to look forward to.  So tune in, and as always let us know on Facebook what you think!  Thanks fans, and we'll see you next week!