Mighty Cast Episode 24: Civil War Is Here!

2016-07-19 15:56:48

Welcome back friends, we’re back this week with a review of what’s new.  And this week, the biggest news is Captain America: Civil War!  With the international opening netting a whopping 200 million dollars (without China and Italy too), the hype on this one seems to be real.  The movie hits American shores this weekend, so we’ll give a more thorough review next week.  But expect this one to smash some major records, especially with Spiderman finally joining the MCU.

This week also sees the first of the 52nd issues of New 52 titles hitting shelves, which will be the final ones for many series.  Rebirth begins soon, and it’s already got a couple heavy critics in comic world legends Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen.  What they’ve said about it will definitely raise an eyebrow or two.

And then we get into some of the biggest geek TV news in a while in this weeks Game of Thrones episode.  *SPOILER ALERT* This is it folks, this is the week we finally find out that John Snow….is ALIVE! This has been the biggest mystery since Who Shot Mr. Burns (or Who Shot J.R. if you’re a bit older), and even people who weren’t into the show were asking about it. Paul gives his take as someone who’s only seen a handful of episodes, and Bill chimes in as someone who’s read every page of the books. The episode ends on a high note, with John Snow opening his eyes after being resurrected by the Red Priestess and taking a few gasping breathes with his wolf at his side.  Be sure to tune in next week to see how this all plays out as well.

This about rounds it out this week folks, as always we can’t wait to hear what else you have to say, so let us know on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all in a week!