Mighty Cast Episode 20: Wizards and Wrestling

2016-04-20 23:16:44

Welcome back everyone to another Mighty Cast!  This week, Bill and Paul are looking into the latest round of Wizard World shows along with a review of pro wrestling’s biggest night, Wrestlemania!

Wizard World St. Louis was last weekend, and this time around the show just wasn’t what the guys were looking for. For what was once the biggest name in shows, what we saw last weekend was a dim shadow of what it once was.  A small handful of comic dealers next to over double the number of county fair style booths like bath fitters and gutter filters, booths that don’t even have a tenuous connection to pop culture or collecting. Add on top guest cancellations and high ticket prices, and this was a show that just doesn’t get people excited about coming back next year.

Wizard has also announced their next venture in a comic con cruise, so stay tuned for details on that.  But stop back here next week for our review of Wizard World Madison and see if that show has at least gained ground.

Next up is Wrestlemania, the biggest event of the year for the WWE. Paul and Bill give a quick run down of the matches that took place, along with a look at the talent that WWE has in their current roster. This includes the obvious comparisons to the talent of old, and what the current roster means for the future of the WWE.

Finally a quick look at the weeks television, including the season finale of Walking Dead that’s left some fans in the lurch.  The guys avoided any spoilers this week, but stop back next week for a more thorough look at the episode.

Last up is a run down on this weeks new comics, so take a listen and see what’s new.  Thank you all for stopping by, as always let us know what you think on our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all again next week!