Mighty Cast Episode 18: C2E2 Come and Gone

2016-04-20 14:19:14

Welcome back to another podcast from your friends here at Geek Inc Comics and Mighty Con!  This week we look back on C2E2, look ahead to Batman v Superman, and get into Daredevil season 2 on Netflix.

C2E2 has come and gone, and this years show was a bit quieter than years past.  Bill and Paul give their run down on how everything went, and the general consensus is that it’s still a great show, but dropped off a bit year over year.

Then it’s time to delve into Daredevil.  Season 2 hit Netflix on Friday, and this season was one crazy roller coaster ride.  We’re introduced to the Punisher and Elektra, and both add a ton to the show, with Punisher stealing just about every scene he’s in.  This season in particular shows just how great a comic based TV show can be, and really puts the pressure on other companies to up the ante regarding their TV offerings.  We’re all hoping to hear a lot more about Daredevil come award season time.

Then this weekend gives us the opening of Batman v Superman, and the first reviews are starting to leak in.  Unfortunately for Warner Brothers and DC, those reviews aren’t exactly stellar.  While most of them aren’t terrible in any way, they all point to the atmosphere being a bit too dark, the CGI needing a bit more work (especially on Doomsday), and the overall plot just not feeling really well thought out.  This movie was a big big investment for DC and Warner Bros., and after the last few non-Batman movies under performing at the box office they can really use a win here.  Will they get it?  Time will tell, but check back here shortly for our own review of this film.

That’s it for this week folks, thanks for tuning in!