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Geek Inc. Comics


Balke Studios

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios which focuses on 2D CEL Animation. In addition to creating animations, the studio also produces weekly Comic Strips, Comic Strips ANIMATED! and Comic Books.  The Studios was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working...

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Frank Fosco

Penciler/inker who started off with Gary Carlson's independent comic book Megaton. In the pages of that anthology, as his first published comic work, it featured his very own creation, Ethrian. After that Ihe ghosted layouts for, “The Strangers” from Malibu comics. The Strangers gig led to some work as a fill in artist at DC. Frank is most nota...

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Jordan Gunderson

Jordan Gunderson, a freelance illustrator/artist, lives in south-central Wisconsin. Jordan's work has been featured in a number of publications including Aspen Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, BOOM Studios and Zenescope. Fans of Aspen Comics will recognize Jordan's talents with his multiple arc run in Executive Assistant:Assassins, as well as illust...

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Mark Stegbaur

Mark Stegbauer is a 25+ year veteran of the comic book industry. He has been an inker for companies such as Marvel, DC and Image, on various books such as Nova, the Avengers, Spider-Man, JLA, Flash, and The Badger. He is the artist/co-creator of the alleges hit comic Ghoul Scouts from Action Lab
Terry Pavlet

Wisconsin-based Terry Pavlet has been a professional Illustrator in comics, RPG, animation and toys. He has worked on such books and characters as Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Indiana Jones, He-Man, Batgirl, Bugs Bunny, Kim Possible, the Flintstones, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulthu, just to name a few. He has worked for Image Comics, Dark Horse Comi...

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Zac Atkinson

Zac is a comic book colorist of 18 years and tee shirt designer. You have seen his work in: Bruce Lee the Dragon Rises, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Justice Society, Cartoon Young Justice, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go, Legion of Superheros 31st Century, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, We Will Bury You, Ben 10, Amory Wars, Irre...

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AFKcrafts makes all kinds of different items to suit your nerdy needs! From charms to jewelry and even figures we hope you find something you'll enjoy! :)
Andrew Taam

Andrew Taam is a Chicago based independent artist, and graduate from the International School of Comics in Chicago. He works mostly with watercolors to create illustrations with a Neon Noir style to them and an added bit of Pop Art to them. You can find more about his art at www.andrewtaam.com

Art by Pale Horse

Movie art, portraits and custom paintings.
Beachabond Books

Author Robert E. Birnschein writes cutting edge science fiction adventures for Earthbound readers. His novel The Starseeker Gambit is a dangerous journey to a far-flung solar system, while his Martian Runaway novel takes you on a wild race across the stark landscape of the Red Planet. Learn more at www.beachabondbooks.com
Beyer Beware Productions

David Beyer is a illustrator, designer and cartoonist. Beyer Beware Productions collects “The Twisted Adventures of Stinko”, a newspaper comic strip that runs monthly in the Riverwest Currents (since 2006). In 2015 David became the editor of the papers comics page. He sells original art, comics, sketchcards & prints.
Big Hair Illustrations



crafted. is a girl-powered, coffee-fuled, designer. With repurposed wood, fabric, paint, and a dash of sass, crafted. creates unique pieces that represent your individual style. Our focus is a little cheeky and a bit geeky, and our attention to detail and desire to play with ALL the tools is what keeps our designs fresh and quirky.
Daab Creative

Dank Beads

Donovan Scherer

Donovan Scherer is the author and illustrator of Fear & Sunshine, a middle-grade illustrated novel series about monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl. You can pick up the first book of the series for FREE at http://DonovanScherer.com/Prelude!
Drunk Kittens

EnVee Jewelry Design

At EnVee, we create pendants and medallions, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry designs; as well as accessories like key fobs, wallet and boot chains, hat bands, and even clothing both for her and for him. We also have a line of jewelry specifically geared towards fandom and geek-culture. Inspired by medieval chainmaille, evocative of Celtic a...

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Gamer Girl Gifts

Gamer Girl Gifts create products for gamers, by gamers. We have various handmade items that feature a variety of fandoms. We offer everything from candles to stained glass to puzzles, and more!
Geek Art by Zentner

Some people call him the world's greatest stay-at-home-dad artist. Others call him the Steven Seagal of pop art. Settled in the heart of Central Illinois, Jeremy Zentner has a love for a variety fandoms, is a cosplay enthusiast, a creative writer, a self-taught illustrator, and a painter. He's made some pretty amazing illustrations of beloved chara...

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Insane Comics

Insane Comics is the fastest growing indie publishing company that is bringing you fresh and bold comics like you have never seen before!
Jamie Primack

Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, and illustrator who writes and draws the sci fi web comic series "Binary Star." Inspired by her love of sci fi and horror, Jamie's illustrations combine dark, gothic imagery with futuristic, cosmic landscapes to create her so-called "space goth" aesthetic. Jamie's illustrations are created using ink, technic...

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Javier Avila

Jeff Hiser

Independent comic artist, illustrator, mural artist and caricaturist based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Creator of Sergeant Jawface, Nick Rhino: Private Dick and Lost Teeth. Master of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Jewell Walton Art

Creator of High Quality Original Art Prints and Sketchbooks featuring some of the most Exciting Pop Icons of our Time. See more at http://jewellwaltonart.blogspot.com and jewellwaltonart on facebook.

Maggie Kohnen

Maggie is a self-taught artist from Arlington Heights, Illinois partnering with iCon Tournaments as she works her way into the real world of artists and vendors. Specializing in digital and traditional illustration, Maggie is changing the way conventions
Murderous Automaton, Inc.

From the world of tomorrow comes the artwork of Murderous Automaton, Inc.! Thrill as giant robots crush cities underfoot! Marvel at fan art of your favorite ‘80s characters! Reel in astonishment as you read the original comic “The Revival”! BE AMAZED!!!
Next Town Over

Next Town Over is a frontier fantasy comic liberally spiced with sorcery, secrets and steam, created by local, independent artist and publisher Erin Mehlos.
Paul Alan: Author/Artist/Comic Book Creator

Paul Alan: Author/Artist/Comic Book Creator strives to find the sweet spot where form and function collide but also is into the macabre such as HR Giger and Ben Templesmith (30 days of Night). Albeit, if you like Blade Runner (Movie), and Descender by Jef

Plushzilla is handmade plush stuffed animals and toys. These range from a wide variety of teddy bears to different kinds of stuffed animals such as sharks, foxes, pigs, whales, birds, dogs, bunnies and penguins. There is a virtual rainbow of colors to choose, providing something for just about everyone, even adults enjoy dropping the stuffed plush ...

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Sapphires Arts

Coming to Chicago land Mighty Con, and you better be exited! Doing Requests/Commissions, selling watercolor and digital art, Pokemon Plushies, Peach Stress balls, Yeti Cups, and more! Who will be selling all this? Sapphire from Steven Universe! I will be dressed up in Sapphire cosplay! Still not interested ? Well, then lower your standards! I will ...

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Skeleton Bay Detective Agency

Jake Allen, along with the sharpest investigative minds that Skeleton Bay High School has to offer, dedicate their lives to investigation of any and all manner of spooky going-ons in their sleepy little town. Despite no one believing them. Or any actual evidence of ghosts. But that all changes when, during a routine investigation, the gang stumbles...

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Skull Girl Creations

If you're looking for some fun hand made clay jewelry, then SkullGirl Creations is where you need to look. We have hand made necklaces and earrings featuring items inspired by video games and geek culture. We have added a little something new as well. I now make little crocheted items that are just to adorable to pass up. Come check us out!

Tom Ryan Art

Tom Ryan is a local artist who sells prints, original paintings and can even draw you as your favorite fandom
Turtle Shell Creations

Handmade Chainmaille Jewelry
Xenomorphic Press

Xenomorphic Press sells metallic foil prints that you can't purchase anywhere else. I specialize in authentic and distinct artworks that make a statement. Horror, Sci- fi, and Surrealism are my specialties.


1st line survival

offering custom engraved zippos, flasks, bottle openers, tobacco boxes, LED lamps, key chains, jewelry and more!
A Grim Trilogy

A Grim Trilogy is a superhero crime thriller told from the viewpoint of the villains. It is an intense, addicting read, with fantastic reviews on Amazon. Grim The first book, Grim Ambition, was released in March 2017, and the second, Grim Judgment, came out in July 2017. The third and final installment, Grim Vengeance, will release before the end o...

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A New Hope Collectible Toys & Comics

An awesome shop on State Street in downtown Madison where we specialize in high quality toys, statues, anime, video games and comic books. We have a really nice collection of vintage Star Wars, GI Joe and other toys from the 1970's on. Our great selection of collectible comics spans silver to modern age with very reasonable prices. We pride ourselv...

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Armory Quest

Specializing in high qaulity foam weapons and masks.
Beyer Beware

Self-Published comic books, original art & illustration.
Camp Coaster

Where cool comes together with fantastic coasters, mugs, buttons, magnets, theme soaps and tutus.
Cardinal Comics and Collectibles

We are a local comic shop in Columbus , WI. We have new and old comics, graphic novels, POP's, toys, D&D, Magic the Gathering and so much more.
Cardz Xtcetera

We are a Midwestern convention-based retailer of Anime, Manga, Gaming, collectibles, bookmarks, nerf, plush, wall scrolls, and Japanese snacks.
Chimera Emporium

Chimera Emporium offers unique products for cosplay and fantasy fans. Look for hair accessories, cosmetic brushes, hats, lapel pins, eyelashes and much more.
Cloud 9

We our a promotional game company that offer every person that attends any of your events a free chance to win any of the merchandise that we have on display!
Comic Wreck

will send separately om monday or Tuesday - with a company image...
Crystal Komics

Crystal Komics is an online comic shop from Janesville WI. Back issues, toys, prints, and more. www.crystalkomics.com
Dave Kulikowski

Sci-Fi toys and collectibles from the 1970s to present.
EMT Toys

I carry Vintage toys and Board Games from the 70's 80's and 90's. I also carry Funko pops, Movies, and Video Games.
Geekery Gal

More information about Geekery Gal coming soon!

Green Bay Comics

COMIC BOOKS!!!---------
Green Dolphin Jewelry

handcrafted jewelry for guys and gals. including a geek line!!!
Holloway Comics

Holloway Comics offers comics, toys, statues/busts, etc. being sold by a private collector.
iCon Tournaments

Ron is the founder of iCon Tournaments. Having made a base for his career by just sending an email, Ron started iCon with the intent to bring his friends closer together through their shared love of Super Smash Brothers. With his love for the video gaming community, Ron has successfully brought video game entertainment all across the midwest. To Ro...

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Insane Comics, LLC

Insane Comics is the fastest growing indie comic publishing company in the world. More than 125 books under 60 different titles have been published by Insane Comics in the last two years! Make sure you stop by and see why so many are going INSANE!
Jeffrey P. Worthen


Loki Reeves

I am a glassblower specializing in sculpture, creating whatever the mind can conceive. Come see a live demonstration!
Matt Rybarczyk's Comics

THIS is your comic source for key issues, standout story arcs, and those run filling books you've been searching for! There will be an extensive offering of material from this week's releases all the way back to the 1960's. Do you have an issue(s) you're

Rainarc Rhapsody, LLC

Rainarc Rhapsody is a traveling art studio that hits a variety of shows and conventions every year, specializing in pop culture artwork at a ridiculously cheap price point. Our beautiful art prints make fantastic gifts for your favorite geeky friends, or maybe find something special for yourself!
Sassy Ginger Designs

The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl creates larger-than-life murals of comic and pop culture characters with sidewalk chalk to provide prints, buttons, and more.
The Toy Guys

The Toy Guys specialize in vintage toys, figures and collectibles.
Time Travelers Toys And Collectibles

We carry a wide range of vintage to newer toys and play sets. We carry Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Star Trek, He-Man MOTU, M.A.S.K. by Kenner, The Real Ghostbusters, Dungeons & Dragons By LJN, Jurassic Park, and many others.
Todd's Comics

inexpensive comics primarily superhero
Vault 0

The unconventional conventioneers. Creating and selling custom costumes and coplay gadgets and accessories; by fans for fans.