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Geek Inc. Comics


Balke Studios

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios which focuses on 2D CEL Animation. In addition to creating animations, the studio also produces weekly Comic Strips, Comic Strips ANIMATED! and Comic Books.  The Studios was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working...

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Charles Moisant

Philo Barnhart

Zac Atkinson

Zac is a comic book colorist of 18 years and tee shirt designer. You have seen his work in: Bruce Lee the Dragon Rises, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Justice Society, Cartoon Young Justice, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go, Legion of Superheros 31st Century, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, We Will Bury You, Ben 10, Amory Wars, Irre...

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Hello my name is Efrain Quiroz, a graphic artist and a artist. I have been drawing ever since I seen the original TMNT on t.v. and grew from hand art to graphic art but I also mix around with other medias just to mix it up. There is nothing better then making something original that everyone enjoys and I hope I can share my work with many others to...

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Alex Kujawa

Alex is an artist and a graphic designer based in the Chicago area. Majority of her work starts out as an ink pen and ink drawing and gets colored digitally. She favors dark fantasy and horror subjects blending creepy with beautiful. www.AlexKujawa.com
AngelBlake's Home Grown Jewelry


Arion Digital Media Group

Arion DMG is a publisher and content producer of comics, TV and movies.
Art by Alejandro Juvera

Art by Pale Horse

Movie art, portraits and custom paintings.
Art of tony "four" smith

Art of Tony "FOUR" Smith
Artistic Dtagon Studios

Artistic Dragon Studios is a team of artists specializing in anime/ manga. Addie Afable is an illustrator/ instructor for character design, doing work for clients and conducting Anime Workshops. His wife, Annie, is a concept artist, managing daily business, and modelling for illustrations. They are staff artists at Anime Central and are known for ...

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I teach cartooning and character design in St. Charles on Saturdays. In addition, I am the creator of COSMIC D.O.T.s, Martin's Martians, and several upcoming titles.
Beyer Beware Productions

David Beyer is a illustrator, designer and cartoonist. Beyer Beware Productions collects “The Twisted Adventures of Stinko”, a newspaper comic strip that runs monthly in the Riverwest Currents (since 2006). In 2015 David became the editor of the papers comics page. He sells original art, comics, sketchcards & prints.
Camron Johnson Illustrations

Artist/Author - Original artwork, signed prints, books and other comic related madness. Visit www.camronjohnson.com for more.
Camron Johnson Illustrations

www.camronjohnson.com Artist/illustrator
Cinema Art by Ness

Christopher Ness is an art educator and artist. He paints in acrylic on canvas, mimicking the ratio of widescreen cinema. His subject matter are scenes of great cinematography, iconic characters and scenes that tell a story.
comic creator and artist

RC Young is the self-published comic book creator of “Witchman” a classic superhero story that is set in a medieval fantasy world where magic is power and evil comes in monstrous forms. “Witchman” has been her pet project since 2009. RC has a background in 2D animation, having spent seven years in the TV and web industries in Los Angeles, w...

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Craig Partin

Dark Spectre Productions

We are a full service production company providing our clients with a multitude of multimedia, visual, and physical communication services. Including but not limited to: graphic design, digital illustration, web design, digital photography, pc build & repair, stage production, costume design, prop fabrication, digital printing, vinyl graphics, & c...

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Dawn's Dark Treasures

Local author of horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction. My most recent work is Star Pack, a sci-fi adventure about werewolves from another planet.
Donovan Scherer

Donovan Scherer is an author and illustrator creating worlds of adventure with a sense of humor and a little bit of dread that everything will go terribly, terribly wrong. In 2009, he started the Fear & Sunshine series of middle-grade illustrated novels – a story about a little hippie girl who finds out that she is the heiress to the greatest mon...

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Dorkabout Original art

Mike Wilson native Chicagoan artist , creator , and sentient cannibal taco . original drawings commissions and tshirt s all hand drawn with digital prints and more coming
Dragons and tentacles

Dragons and tentacles was started by two artist buddies. Both love fantasy creatures of all kinds. We enjoy creating characters, clay dragons, stickers and scarfs with our creative designs.
Drunk Kittens


Hypno Brain Comics

Hypno Brain Comics is a comic label offering adventures, shenanigans, weirdness, and interesting things. Santa Claus and Krampus read our comics, and you should too.

INTER-FAN has provided information to members of fandom activities (conventions, news item) and fanzine publications who need contributions or who publish items of general interests since the early seventies. We also have done periodicals or web sites pertaining to historical events of fandom. Spiral Artwerks is just my way to express my love for a...

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Jamie Koala Art & Design

Jamie Koala Art & Design creates unique and edgy art, apparel, and accessories using original artwork and design.
jason essex

Jewell Walton Art

Awesome original Pop Culture Art Prints!
Jewell Walton Art

Creator of High Quality Original Art Prints and Sketchbooks featuring some of the most Exciting Pop Icons of our Time. See more at http://jewellwaltonart.blogspot.com and jewellwaltonart on facebook.

Joseph TINMAN Tinaglia is known for his lightning fast Cosplay caricatures and Pokemon portraits at cons throughout the Midwest. He has self published a stack of super hero and fantasy comics over the course of the last decade and spends hundreds of hours developing single super detailed crowd scenes of many fandoms, films and fantasy genres.

JuliexKitten Cosplay

JuliexKitten is a Chicago based cosplayer and Twitch Streamer. She started cosplaying in 2011 and she cosplays a wide variety of characters from video games, movies, comics, and more!
Koala Art & Design

Koala Art & Design is a limited edition apparel, accessory and art company that features unique handmade pieces by Jamie Koala. KA&D also features Jamie Koala's unique multi-media Art Galleries.
Maggie Kohnen

Maggie is a self-taught artist from Arlington Heights, Illinois partnering with iCon Tournaments as she works her way into the real world of artists and vendors. Specializing in digital and traditional illustration, Maggie is changing the way conventions
Paul Axel

Paul Axel is an up-and-coming writer. Creator of the critically-acclaimed "Rotten Roots," a historical fiction crime drama set on Cape Cod, as well as various short comics, Paul is excited to return to Dupage Mighty Con with his fantastic and fantastical stories!

Plushzilla is handmade plush stuffed animals and toys. These range from a wide variety of teddy bears to different kinds of stuffed animals such as sharks, foxes, pigs, whales, birds, dogs, bunnies and penguins. There is a virtual rainbow of colors to choose, providing something for just about everyone, even adults enjoy dropping the stuffed plush ...

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Spiral Artwerks

I am an avid comic collector. I started doodling as a teenager and did homemade comics. I joined INTER-FAN PRODUCTIONS INK in 1983 and took over as manager since 1986 .As head of IF I have self published some small press comics and co-ran two local conventions called INTER-FAN Jam in 2007 and 2008. Started Spiral Artwerks in 2013 and start doing il...

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Stars & Spikes

Stars & Spikes is your own stop shop for embroidered hand and bath towels. They also sell crocheted accessories like beanies and Doctor's scarves and now have a few other knick knacks.
Steelbred Studios

Professional illustrator and so many other things. My style is "Reality Check" Take my subject and bring it to life. A wide gallery to see. Want one? visit my shop. Got a request? Let me know and I'll draw it up.
Tango Comics

Spawned out of love of Fawcett & EC Comics - Tango Comics was founded in 2009 with focus on Sci-Fi, Horror & Cosmic Super Heroes. Bringing fun back to Comics!
TENIME Art Studios


Tin Man Art

TnT comics and collectables

Heroclix. Comic books, action figures.
Waterfoot Comics

Waterfoot Comics is the publisher of Monster City and Ice Zombies and exhibits a variety of art work.


1MoreRound Entertainment

Publishing company for the Indy Comic Book Evolusion and the Self Help Motivation book I've Said it All Before.
AlleyCat Comics

Anderson Collectables

Buy, Sell, and Trade comics. We specialize in Silver and Bronze Age books for kids of all ages.
Beads by Chelsa


Chicago Clubhouse

Comic Wreck

will send separately om monday or Tuesday - with a company image...
Crusader Hobbies

Collectibles and keepsakes for all your pop culture needs. From Pops to action figures we try and have a little bit of everything.
Crush Collectibles

Crush Collectibles is happy to be back in Milwaukee, offering a variety of modern releases from your favorite action figure lines including Star Wars 6" Black Series, Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, Funko POP, NECA, and more!
DaSueDragon Designs

DaSueDragon Designs is devoted to hand-crafting the highest quality leather works. We specialize in bags, armor, and cosplay accessories. Along with a very talented chainmail artist, we put our heads together to come up with the prefect flair to add to any cosplay outfit!!
Deviant Apple Illustrations

Original art to meet all of your geeky needs!
Dragon Comix

Dragon Comix strives to entertain Readers by offering original works. Come by the table, and check out the new kids comic book Izzy, The Time Traveling Alien
Geek Toy Hut

Grim Comics

Mix of comics from silver to current, graded or raw
iCon Tournaments

Ron is the founder of iCon Tournaments. Having made a base for his career by just sending an email, Ron started iCon with the intent to bring his friends closer together through their shared love of Super Smash Brothers. With his love for the video gaming community, Ron has successfully brought video game entertainment all across the midwest. To Ro...

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Insane Comics

Insane Comics has been the fastest growing indie comic book publisher over the last two years and strives to bring fresh ideas and art to the comic book world.
Insane Comics, LLC

Insane Comics is the fastest growing indie comic publishing company in the world. More than 125 books under 60 different titles have been published by Insane Comics in the last two years! Make sure you stop by and see why so many are going INSANE!

Loki Reeves

I am a glassblower specializing in sculpture, creating whatever the mind can conceive. Come see a live demonstration!
Louis Bielakowski

Matt Rybarczyk's Comics

THIS is your one stop shop for current releases, keys and standout issues! Please send your want lists to: matt.rybar@gmail.com and I will bring the books to you! Thanks!
Matt Sinclair Comics and Collectibles.

Matt's Cool Stuff

Terran Toys & Comics

Terran Toys & Comics specializes in offering our customers the Coolest Exclusives, Rare Key Issue Comics, and most sought-after Collectible Toys anywhere. Stop by our booth and if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask, and I'm sure we'll have it or be able to find it for you.
The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl creates larger-than-life murals of comic and pop culture characters with sidewalk chalk to provide prints, buttons, and more.
Toy Connections

i would be selling sideshow 1/6th scale figures and marvel action figures of all sorts
Vault 0

The unconventional conventioneers. Creating and selling custom costumes and coplay gadgets and accessories; by fans for fans.
Vinyl Vaults

Whimsical Dreams

I make novelty dream catchers of any theme, sports, super heroes, princess, etc. As well as hand painted mugs, plates, wax warmers ,and flower pots. Can do custom orders as well. Also selling Funko items