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St. Louis Comic Con - Mighty Con


501st Legion

The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events a...

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Balke Studios

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios which focuses on 2D CEL Animation. In addition to creating animations, the studio also produces weekly Comic Strips, Comic Strips ANIMATED! and Comic Books.  The Studios was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working...

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Bishop Stevens

Bishop Stevens is a former WCW/WWE pro-wrestler who turned actor in 2013. Bishop trained with the legendary Harley Race and signed with World Championship Wrestling which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). After leaving pro-wrestling Bishop landed roles on such TV shows like NBC's Crisis, NBC's Chicago PD and AMC's The Walking Dead, w...

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Chris Claremont

Writer Chris Claremont has encountered more success than most writers ever dream of. He is a NY Times best-selling author, been awarded the prestigious Kellogg Award in Arts and Letters by Bard College, inducted into the Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards Hall of Fame. His papers are collected in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia Uni...

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David Yost

For THE FIRST TIME EVER in St. Louis! The legendary actor, producer, and original Blue Power Ranger David Yost, will be appearing at St. Louis Comic Con! Make sure you get your tickets for the show now (pre-orders get in 30 mins early), and stop by and say hi! Get your autographs, prints, pictures, and more from the first ever US Blue Ranger! Do no...

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Frank Fosco

Penciler/inker who started off with Gary Carlson's independent comic book Megaton. In the pages of that anthology, as his first published comic work, it featured his very own creation, Ethrian. After that Ihe ghosted layouts for, “The Strangers” from Malibu comics. The Strangers gig led to some work as a fill in artist at DC. Frank i...

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Guy Gilchrist

Guy Gilchrist, at the age of 24, was hand-selected to create Jim Henson’s Muppets Comic Strip that was printed worldwide in 660-plus newspapers daily from 1981 to 1986.  Throughout the years, he has set his hand to such notable cartoons as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Tiny Too...

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James O'Barr

James OBarr was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die,but claims no responsibility for either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care as the token white kid(it was,after all,Detroit)and as such had poor communication skills. When he was adopted he brought along his crayons ...

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USS Umiak - Starfleet Int.

A chapter of Starfleet International - For over 40 years, STARFLEET has provided Star Trek fans a way to meet each other, make friends, have fun, give back to their communities, and show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can live long and prosper. On the local level, members can gather with other fans for a variety of enjoyable activities. On th...

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Zac Atkinson

Zac is a comic book colorist of 18 years and tee shirt designer. You have seen his work in: Bruce Lee the Dragon Rises, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Justice Society, Cartoon Young Justice, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go, Legion of Superheros 31st Century, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, We Will Bury You, Ben 10, Amory Wars, Irre...

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48 Hour Comic Project

The 48 Hour Comic Project is a crazy and sleepless weekend in which you and your team create a comic book - write, illustrate, color, and letter - in just 48 hours! Proceeds will benefit the Hero Initiative.
Andrew Taam

Andrew Taam is a Chicago based Comic Book Artist and Illustrator. He is a recent graduate of The International School of Comics in Chicago. His art is influenced by alternative and independent comics from the 80's and 90's, as well as films from directors like David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, and Stanley Kubrick. You can find more about his art at w...

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Anthony Figaro

Anthony Figaro is an up a coming talent in the world of comics and animation. Having been apart of 3 books and graphic novels he is currently working on releasing his very own creator project this year Called American Werewolves vs. Nazi Zombies as well as releasing Justice City Chronicles the Definitive Edition later this year.

Apogee Comics

Apogee Comics is an independent comic book company that has been rising up in the indie comics world with titles such as Bengali, The Crimson Guardians, War Drums, and Dragon Fly. Started in 2017 by Ray Marek III, Jay Sloan, Nick Garber, Dave Norton, Rene Garza, and Brian Lawrence they took the indie comics scene by storm with their love of detaile...

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Archangelo Crelencia

Archangelo Crelencia currently works as an art director in the advertising industry in Chicago. In his spare time, he freelances on projects that includes illustration and logo design. He recently got back-to-basics by reintroducing himself to life drawing and painting with traditional media. Archangelo is currently working on Jeremiah Wolfe's "Ash...

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Arleana Holtzmann

Arleana Holtzmann is a St. Louis Artist working with watercolors, gouache, pen and ink.
Art by JKwe

Art by JKwe is a service provided by Jesse Kwe.
Art by Little Miss Luna

Art by Little Miss Luna is your super-cute source for all your adorable anime and pride-themed goods! With buttons, stickers, prints, charms and other items, we're sure to have something you'll love!
Art Guy Designs

St Louis area Horror FX artist Doug Schaefer with all sorts of art including sculpture, magnets, masks, paintings, sketches, books & more.
Artwork by Sydney

Chicago-area artist--I'm a super hero enthusiast (and the occasional villain) and I hope you like my work! See it at sudraws.com or on Etsy (shop name: SUDraws).
Ashley Harp Artist

Ashley Harp is a local artist. Fan art is one of her many passions and talents. Whether it be a hyper realistic portrait of a favorite character or a humorous representation regarding them, Ashley enjoys it all. Ashley also shows and displays her fine art in local shows and galleries. Her passion is to share and inspire others in art, life, and the...

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AT&T Directv UVerse Television and Internet Wireless Cell Phone Services
Bead Streetz

From Ornaments to Art: Bead Streetz is like a Perler Bead heaven. It has so many unique gifts ideas that have a creative and geeky flair. Bead Streetz has the option to customize an item on the table into an ornament, bag tag, magnet or necklace perfect for your needs. Be it your child, your family, your friend or even yourself, Bead Streetz has so...

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Benitez Productions

Publisher of the best-selling steampunk comic Lady Mechanika, a Victorian-Era mystery adventure about a young woman with mechanical limbs and no memory of how she got them. Ask us for a free sample comic!
Big Boy Studio

We are an independent comic book studio that creates are own comic books along with 3D printed items. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago
Candice Dailey Illustrations

I am a St. Louis based Illustrator who has always had a love for Fantasy and Sci-Fi. My love for gaming and movies has been the inspiration for a lot of my art. I am very excited to be a part of this con!
Christopher Ray Art

Illustrator and comic artist, big into colors and illustration.
CM Art Design

Coarey Trim Creations

Coarey Trim is a local artist specializing in cartoon, video game, anime and comic book art. Commissions are always available upon request. Www.facebook.com/coareytrimcreations
Craig Skaggs Illustration

Craig Skaggs has been a professional illustrator, cover artists and designer for almost 30 years. He's done licensed Star Wars art for Lucas Films, has designed numerous toys, collectibles, shoes, and a wide variety of products for over 30 companies, and is currently a medical illustrator for the Journal of Allergy and Immunology, does cover work f...

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Dark Havok Illustrations

The main products being sold are fantasy illustrations, character designs, and portraits.
DaSueDragon Designs

DaSueDragon Designs is devoted to hand-crafting the highest quality leather works. We specialize in bags, armor, and cosplay accessories. Along with a very talented chainmail artist, we put our heads together to come up with the prefect flair to add to any cosplay outfit!!
David's Staple Art

Original Staple Art pieces, artwork created through the use of custom colored staples. All pictures are created with a manual stapler and freehanded. All artwork pieces are original, no prints.

David's Staple Art

Artwork created through the use of colored standard staples on canvas.
Demon Jackal

Demon Jackal is the art of Erik Skinner, minimal style demon animals, pets, and other creatures inspired by ancient Mexico design motifs. Art prints, original drawings and paintings, and commissioned works are available.
Designs By Myranda

Designs By Myranda offers a variety of mashups as prints, paintings and cross stitches of your favorite pop culture and horror fandoms.
Designs By Myranda

Devious Hearts

Devious Hearts sells art prints of the works of Robert Kemp, comic and rpg illustrator, and Liza Maria Baez Kemp, finely crafted scarves, hats and other goods. Please come by and check out stuff out. :)
Digital Originals

Freelance artist, world traveler, soldier of fortune, all around nice guy. I have been going to conventions since 1980, and have been drawing for alot longer than that. I sell prints of my media portraits, cartoons, and pin-ups. I also take commisions as well and you can probably see me working on one at Mightycon. Please come by and say hi and che...

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Disko Pimp Solo-man 5000

Original art by Disko Pimp Solo-man 5000. Original sketch covers, canvasses and prints. Illustrations, graffiti and tattoo designs. Commissions welcome.
DMEN Designs

DMEN Designs creates and sells one-of-a-kind pieces of Custom Functional Art. Such as Tables, Coasters, Photo Frames, Wall-Hangings, and even Light/Outlet covers, using REAL comic books!!! facebook.com/dmendesigns
Dust Bunny Mafia

In the quiet city of Fairview, in the shadows between the glows of the streetlights, lives an infestation of career criminals and their respective mobster families. The Dust Bunny Mafia Comic details the inner workings of this lovable but dangerous dust bunny crew, created by Bret Juliano. ...

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Dynamic Sketch

Comic artist, art teacher, painter. Bringing stories to life, joy to his students about art. Archie creates Armored Forces with his best friend Jeremy hays. A book they have dreamed about now you can actually buy. Archie is also a lover of transformers and everything classic. Check out his cool dynamic paintings

E is 4 Artist

handmade Masks, Fantasy/geeky watercolor and digital art, geeky headbands, pocket mirrors and other handmade creations. www.facebook.com/eis4artist

Everything's Shiny Creations

Everything's Shiny Creations features unique and custom jewelry and accessories, specializing in "geek chic" and pop culture. Ranging from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Hamilton to Doctor Who with just about everything in between, my pieces are meant to be fun but subtle ways to celebrate favorite fandoms. All items are hand-crafted and individually...

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Gothic Nothic: Geek Boutique

Handmade botanical products, cosmetics, candles, and more with over 20 years experience. Custom ordering available. Examples of products include soy candles, beard balm, shampoo, lotion, and lip balm.
Guerilla ComX

We are Guerilla Comx, an independent comic book studio that is dedicated to providing dramatic, dynamic, and diabolical comic books to the world at large. Founded in 2015 by Clint Scott and Nick Garber after working together for another company and realized their love for 90’s style comic heroes not just in art but story as well.
Halsbren Publishing LLC

Halsbren Publishing LLC was founded in 2014 with the intent of delivering great fantasy novels for fans of the genre. Since then, it has expanded into Role-Playing Games to further explore the wonderful worlds of fantasy and all it has to offer.
Headmetal Comics

Headmetal Comics is an indie publisher focused on spreading lighthearted disobedience and hostile compassion through word games.
House of Fantastic

Artists Arleana Holtzmann and Jane Bush
Jabberwock Emporium

Unique original creations with a steampunk/geek aesthetic. Original art, jewelry, and sculpture created from upcycled and waste materials.
Jak Lore

Jak Lore is a Chicago area author. He writes supernatural fantasy set in modern day.
Jalapeno Ghost Illustrations

Julio Gaytan is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist and the founder of Jalapeno Ghost Illustrations. Specializing in drawing obscure and odd ideas. He is currently working on the Hamurai series, the only comic with samurai pigs wielding bacon swords. Physical copies are available for purchase.
Jamie Primack

Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed space goth. She writes and draws the sci fi web comic series "Binary Star." Jamie graduated from the International School of Comics in Chicago, where she currently resides. Inspired by her love of sci fi and horror, Jamie's artistic style combines elements of gothic subcultur...

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Jamie Primack - Space Goth

Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed space goth. Inspired by her love of sci fi and horror, Jamie's artistic style combines elements of both gothic subcultures and futuristic technology.
Jamie Tyndall inc.

Jamie Tyndall is a Canadian Comic book artist, that is known for his depictions of sexy strong female characters. He is the penciler, inker and colorist for most of his very detailed work. Jamie has worked on various titles such as GI JOE, Transformers, My little pony, TMNT, Archie, Grimm Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland and Ninjak as well as Godzi...

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Jewell Walton Art

Jewell Walton Art
Joe's Comics


Children's Book & Print Artist
Kagan Masters of Redeemed Ink

Kagan Masters is an artist/illustrator who mostly paints using coffee! Creating pop culture works and original characters is her passion!
Kimberlee Ann Bastian

Kimberlee Ann Bastian has a love affair with American nostalgia, mythology, and endless possibilities. When she is not in her writer's room or consuming other literary worlds, she enjoys hiking and cycling around the bluffs of her Southeastern MN home and catching up on her favorite pop culture. The Breedling and the City in the Garden, the first i...

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Fanart & original prints, pins, stickers, and more! https://www.etsy.com/shop/kittendrumstick
Lee Bots

My project is Lee Bots. Lee Bots, is my love child I started two years ago. These robot sculptures are handcrafted by me out of discarded electronics. Once on their way to the trash these computers, printers, electrical conduit, etc get torn apart by me and reassembled with new life as robots. The robots are assembled together using a variety of di...

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LivingLifeInACartoon is a cosplay and crafts company! We sell cosplay accessories, cute plushies, pillows, and stickers! Everything is hand made and inspired to make life a little bit more like cartoon!
LL Design Studio

Lorenzo Lizana

I am a local artist from St. Louis. I've worked for many independent companies from Silverwolf, Blackthorne Publishing and Lion Forge Comics

M. Ainihi

Local fantasy author M. Ainihi. Visit concealed realms in Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel and discover some secrets are better left buried.
Maggie Kohnen

Maggie is a self-taught artist from Arlington Heights, Illinois partnering with iCon Tournaments as she works her way into the real world of artists and vendors. Specializing in digital and traditional illustration, Maggie is changing the way conventions
Michael & Kayliegh Hartmann

Michael and Kayliegh Hartmann – Father and daughter art family! Michael is an animator, designer and illustrator. His work ranges from photorealism to cartoon and animation inspired creations. He has worked with Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Hanna Barbara, Warner Brothers, & Lucas Film. Kayliegh is an aspiring character design artist with...

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Mighty Pegasus Art

Greetings, I am an artist based in Saint Paul, MN and i starting this journey to go around Comic and Anime Convention to live my dream of becoming a famous artist! I want to inspired people of any age to follow their dreams. Time will not wait for us to make it happen, so lets do it together!!
Mike Cole

Mollie Chounard Fine Art

Original SURREAL and FANTASY painting. Taking the ordinary and mundane and flipping it on it's head! www.molliechounard.com

MWM Art Studios

Original artwork created in a broad array of mediums, styles, and subject matter by Wisconsin artist, Matt McIntyre.

Nightmargin Illustrator, makes games
Noelle Reid

There is no company, only me and my fiancé! I specialize in drawing and creating characters! We also dabble in making styrofoam swords and weapons!

Noelle Reid

There's really no company. Just a gal with a pencil and a drawing pad! I'm a simple illustrator who has a passion for drawing and I'm looking to get my name out there!
Outcast Comics

Outcast Comics is home to the growing horror family comedy web series, Erma. It will also be the home of more series to come such as the upcoming Chicago-based superhero adventure, My Life, and the giant monster royal rumble, Reign of the Kaiju.
Pastel Jackalope

Pastel Jackalope is the art and creations of Harley King. We specialize in creating high quality prints, buttons and stickers featuring original artwork.
Paul Alan: Author/Artist/Comic Book Creator

Paul Alan: Author/Artist/Comic Book Creator strives to find the sweet spot where form and function collide but also is into the macabre such as HR Giger and Ben Templesmith (30 days of Night). Albeit, if you like Blade Runner (Movie), and Descender by Jef
Radio Galaxy Publications

Radio Galaxy Publications is the small press book publishing side of Radio Galaxy. They are best known for fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk novels and novellas. At this con they've slated their latest novelization title for debut: Alistair and the All-Purpose Umbrella.
Real Deal Deadpool

Dan & Jess Ryno are geeks. Super geeks, in fact. And they apply all of their geeky creativity into creating arts and crafts projects for all fandoms. Clocks, shadowboxes, wands, dragon eggs, and even Cosmic Cubes! If you can imagine it, they can create it
Real Deal Deadpool

Dan & Jess Ryno are geeks. Super geeks, in fact. They plunge all of their geeky energy into their crafty goodness. With magic wands, shadowboxes, clocks, 3-D comic art, canvas art, and much more, nothing is out of the realm of their possibility. If you can dream it, they can create it.
Red Banana Art

I am a freelance artist that does commissions, sketches, and other custom artwork.

I'm an illustrator who's a kid at heart. With a passion for art that began with a love for giant monsters, I started doing shows in 2010, and I'm always ready to branch out to new experiences, meet new people, and make great memories. Knowing I can learn new techniques and try different mediums, I consider myself forever a student of art.
Saint Louis

Joe Wills is an artist, illustrator, and writer who's work can be found most prominently in the pages of Ink and Drink Comics and his website www.joewillsart.com.
Sarina Darling Creations

I make plushes and my husband makes perler beads! We love art and are super nerdy! Come by and see us!
Scott Larson Illustration

Seth Groves Art

Seth Groves is an artist/illustrator that specializes in pop culture portraits, comic book art, and alternative movie posters. Seth uses a mixture of traditional art and digital painting to create all of his artwork. He is currently serving in the United States Air Force on active duty and enjoys traveling to conventions on the weekends to share hi...

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Simply Kitts Illustrations

Kansas City-based illustrator, Kitt Van Hassel, created Simply Kitts Illustrations as an outlet for her whimsical imagery, in hopes of bringing smiles to the faces of others. The goal is to create those warm and fuzzy, feel good yet often overlooked feelings, and she’ll get you there with her bright colors and cute critters. From playful gnomes a...

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STL Brick Fanatics

We are the leader in Custom Minifigs! From Batman to Bob Ross, we have it all.

Strasburger Haus

Artist: a fun collection of fan-fueled artwork for dorks and nerds across the galaxy!
Sugar Quill

Producers of cute bookmarks, stickers, prints, charms, and other fun merchandise of your favorite shows, books, movies, and video games!
Talenshi Illustration and Design

Talenshi Illustration & Design is the work of local St. Louis illustrator and bookmaker, Karen Swartz. Check out her booth for hand-made, refillable, wooden journals, fantasy prints, quest signs, and other lovely hand-crafted or laser engraved objects to bring a little mysticism to your everyday spaces!
The Art of Monte Baldwin

Freelance artist specializing in One of a kind commissions .
The Art of Monte Baldwin

Illustrator specializing in comic art commissions and sketches with an emphasis on one of a kind pieces.
The Artistry of Lady Badger

The Artistry of Lady Badger specializes on jewelry of the Steampunk, wire wrap, and Alcohol Ink styles.
The LEague of Elder

The League of Elder is a science fiction-fantasy book series written by Ren Garcia. Set in a fabulous world of high adventure, the series is loaded with romance and imagination.
Tina Chaffee Designs

Handmade stamped and etched metal jewelry with a geeky twist.
Transgenesis Comic

Indie Comic Book Creators

Unparalleled Comics

Indie Comic Book Publisher

Wildelights products feature adorable illustrations of animals with funny names. We offer stickers, prints, clothing, and more! Every item except our shirts are manufactured by us in our home. All of our t- shirts are printed in the USA by our production partner Print Aura. Our clothing items are printed on Bella/Canvas blanks - made in Los Angeles...

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William Schlichter - Author

William Schlichter is an award-winning screenwriter and author specializing in science fiction and the phantasmagorical world of the undead. His popular No Room in Hell and Silver Dragon Chronicles series are fan favorites, and he enjoys spending time on the convention circuit. His full-length feature script, Incinta, is a 2014 New Orleans Horror F...

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Wonka Marker Art

Woodside Illustrations

Brent Woodside and Kayla Woodside are freelance illustrators that have worked for legendary companies such as Lucasfilm, Disney, New Line Cinema and Tolkien Estate to name a few. Come see our various prints and limited editions.


Affordable Building Blocks

THE PERFECT PLACE FOR ALL BUILDING BLOCKS & TOY LOVERS. We are a small independent company that ensures our customers the lowest prices of quality merchandise which is affordable for every family. Our products are guaranteed to be the up most quality & affordability for hours of play and for collectors. Please check out our prices and our products ...

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AM Trading Co

AM Trading Co is a small, locally owned and operated comic bookstore and novelty shop conveniently located along South Grand Boulevard in St. Louis. We strive to offer all the amenities of a larger retail establishment while providing individualized customer service.
Armory Quest

Specializing in high qaulity foam weapons and masks.

AT&T your Entertainment Company for Directv, UVerse Television, Internet, Home Phone, and Wireless Services
Be Our Zombie!

Let us put YOU in EVERY copy of our game, Adventures in Zombiewood, or be a featured zombie in the accompanying comic book as well! Stop by and get your Comic Con discount. www.baskervilleproductions.com.
Biff! Bam! Boom! Comics

3B Comics, is a new Comic Book Publish thats on the rise, with a bunch of New Cool Unique Characters for a new generation to fall in love with.
Blade daddy

Swords knives
Blade Daddy

Swords and knives

Bruce Reynolds

Silver & Bronze Comics
Bruce Reynolds Comics

BRUCE REYNOLDS COMICS is an Old-School Mix. A Variety of Silver and Bronze-Age Books. Cool stuff you don’t see everyday are the kind of Comics I read, collect and sell. I also BUY old comics, and look forward to meeting all of you at this Wonderful Event. Stop by my booth at MIGHTY CON and find some neat old comics you didn’t even know you were...

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Cape Comics

Seller of key silver and modern age comics.
Chance Games

Clay Me Cuties

Clay Me Cuties is a hand made selection of fantasy and fandom themed figures and charms. Tom Ryan art is a great mixture of fun and unique prints and art.
Cloud 9

We our a promotional game company that offer every person that attends any of your events a free chance to win any of the merchandise that we have on display!
Collectors Paradise

We have been in business 28 years and specialize in Silver Age to modern back issue comics. We also sell action figures, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-OH and Magic the Gathering cards.
Comic Interlude, Inc.

Longtime comic show dealer and store owner, dealing mainly in higher grade Silver-Age and Bronze-Age, both raw copies and graded copies.

We have thousands of comic books new & back issues. We have been keeping customers happy since 1999 with discounted mail order service & carrying a full line of comics, supplies, toys, & trade paperback
Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a book store that specializes in the comic book hobby. We carry a full product line of the established and growing publishers ranging from current comics to back issues and graphic novels. Comic Relief offers: ? The newest comics Every Wednesday! ? A spectacular selection of Graphic Novels & Hard Covers! ? The mightiest Back Issue s...

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Comic Wreck

Comic Wreck has 100's of Posters & Prints - TV (including Dr. Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf & Walking Dead), Movies (including Golden Oldies like Universal Monsters), Comic & Cartoon Art, Anime/Manga, Video Games and Toys, and JPS-Just Plain Strange -in addition to a wide & weird collection of manga, comics and Pop Culture - related merchandise.
Crane's Post, Inc.

Items for every taste, prices for every budget.
Cranes's Post, Inc.

Damian Valentine

Star Wars Items - Great and Small Star Wars figures - 3.75 & 6 inch Carded and Loose Star Wars Die Cast vehicles Star Wars FX Lightsabers will be onsite Master Replicas Star Wars miniture sabers Marvel Legends Carded and Loose Battlestar Galactica items (Characters or Die Cast) Halo - 6 inch Figures & Mega Blocks Babylon 5 - Figures + ca...

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DaSueDragon Designs

DaSueDragon Designs is devoted to hand-crafting the highest quality leather works. We specialize in hand-made, hand-tooled leather bags, armor, accessories, and cosplay items. Also, design and customization is our specialty!
Dave's Comic Vault

Selling everything from golden to modern age comic books
David Kulikowski

Decade of Excess

Anime, Manga, Toys, Graphic Novels, and Trade Paperbacks
Deviant Apple Illustrations

Original art to meet all of your geeky needs!
Devious Hearts

Artist Robert Kemp and crafter Liza Marie Baez Kemp
DMEN Designs

DMEN Designs creates and sells one-of-a-kind pieces of Custom Functional Art including Tables, Coasters, Wall-Hangings, and Photo Frames using REAL COMIC BOOKS!!! Custom Orders Accepted-Worldwide Shipping dmendesigns@gmail.com
Duck Family Farms

At Duck Family Farms, we specialize in everything Pokemon, from vintage to current, American and Japanese. We carry card singles, complete card sets, booster packs and boxes, official Tomy merchandise, pushes, and more. We run tournaments, both standard and expanded, for beginners and Pokemon masters alike. Gotta catch 'em all!
Dynamic Midwest Events

Dynamic Midwest Events & Promotions is most known for its anime convention event, Anime St. Louis. Come learn more about our spring convention and find out what we have planned for the rest of 2018!
Epic City Comics

Epic City Comics is from Nashville, Tn. We buy, sell, and trade comics on line and at conventions! You'll find golden, silver, bronze and modern ages books of your favorite heroes at all prices.
Escape Inc

Will your team consist of CIA agents gathering evidence in Mr Dupree's office or MI6 operatives trying to escape a ticking bomb in the basement of the World Bank? Either way, you have only 60 minutes to escape the room and see if your score is on our leaderboard. Escape STL -- real escape rooms in Maplewood. Escape-STL.com
Ever After Graphics

Ever After Graphics is a McFarland Wisconsin based comic illustration and toy sales company specializing in pencilled, pen and ink character portraits and various marvel, dc, macfarlane, star wars and transformers collectibles.

Fantasy Books Inc

Fantasy Books Inc consists of four stores in the St Louis area: Fantasy Books, Fantasy Books and Games, Heroic Adventures and Star Clipper. All the Fantasy Books locations pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service, expansive product offerings, comfortable gaming space and anything else a comic book and gaming customer may want or n...

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First Aid Comics

Formula 350

The largest selection of collectible buttons and magnets anywhere in the world!  Come check out the hunreds of styles from every genre in pop culture!

Four Corners Archery - Apocalypse Survival

Primitive weapons and supplies to survive the Zombie Apocalypse! Long bows, swords, knives, war clubs, medieval weapons, fantasy blades. What you need to kill zombies!
Geek Inc. Comics

Geek Inc. Comics is your #1 stop for key issues, first appearances, deaths, and other high demand comics!  Plus thousands of back issues going back to the golden age, all priced to move!

Geekery Gal

More information about Geekery Gal coming soon!

Geeky Experience

We are excited to be coming to the show. We are x-men enthusiast. We have lots of great comic books.
Gray Gulf Goods

Gray Gulf Goods sells a variety of asian import items including Kimonos, Yukata and fans. We also sell home made jewelry and hand painted dragon eyes.
Half Price Books

Half Price Books We're your favorite local bookstore, everywhere. Discover all things readable, watchable and collectible at our three area locations in Chesterfield, UCity and St. Charles. Also online at hpb.com
Hollow Harbor

Hollow Harbor is a new publishing company out of St. Louis, MO focused on the creation, publication, and sale of sequential art, comic books, graphic novels, and other literary works. Their flagship title, TYRANTS, launched in June of 2015.
iCon Tournaments

Ron is the founder of iCon Tournaments. Having made a base for his career by just sending an email, Ron started iCon with the intent to bring his friends closer together through their shared love of Super Smash Brothers. With his love for the video gaming community, Ron has successfully brought video game entertainment all across the midwest. To Ro...

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Illuminatus Comics

Independent comic publisher dedicated to bringing you stories written by authors and drawn by artists with a great passion for great story telling.
joey joe joes

Key City Comics and Collectibles

Comic books and action figures
Lady Godiva Designs

We proudly supply hand made, steel boned corsets (for under $100), Costumes, Cosplay accessories, jewelry, unicorn horns, dragon eggs, gifts and more!
Logan Arch

Hailing from Chicago and combining the nerdy and nostalgic. Enamel pins, nerdy accessories, tees, stickers, and more - all original designs inspired by our favorite fandoms!
Loki Reeves

Matt Rybarczyk Comics

Meraki House Comics, LLC

Meraki House Comics, is a local indie comic book publishing company designed to help inspiring artist and writers expand their portfolios and get a start into the comic book industry
Michael & Kayliegh Hartmann

Michael is an animator, designer and illustrator, his work ranges from photorealism to cartoon and animation inspired creations. He has worked with Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Hanna Barbara, Warner Brothers, & Lucas Film.

Kayliegh is an aspiring character design artist with a love for animation and classic cartoons.


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Miltown Apothecary LLC

Miltown Apothecary is a candle and bath business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our products are based off of pop culture, politics, and poor life choices.
Mirkywood Emporium

We are a family owned and operated business of wood workers making pop culture related products! We craft pens, quills, wand displays, ornaments, book boxes, wall art, and wands all from wood by us.

Nerd it up

Nerd it up comic books and collectibles have been sell buying and trading comics since 2014. We have over 11,000 comic books mostly $1 books. Our collectibles vary from $5 action figures to $700 lunch boxes. We do our best to make our customers the happie
Paddywacks Jewelry

Tired of boring jewelry? Stop by Paddywacks and check out our unique selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more to customize your style. We also take custom orders on site, so if you're looking for something truly unique, we can create something just for you.
Palm&tarot by Claire

palm&tarot readings by Claire
Pinky's Sugarland

Hi, my name is Dianna Mueller and I am the owner of Pinky's Sugarland in Chester, IL! I love to make all kinds of flavors and varieties of Cake Pops--including Iron Man, TMNT, Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Villians, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, Disney--and many, many more! Dianna Mueller
Plush in the usa

Wide variety of all your favorite Plushies and Non Sport Cards as well as a great assortment of LGBT Flags

Plushmer sells a variety of crocheted plushies, hats, scarves, and pillows!
Pockets Plus

We have assembled a collection of novelty and character pocket watches, both quartz and mechanical, silver and costume jewelry, and fidget spinners at very reasonable prices, which we desire to purvey to the fine participants in the st Louis comicon
Primary colours Retro Treasures

Video games, Toys, and other Treasures from the 80's and 90's.
Pulp Culture Comics

Reel Art Collectibles

We sell vintage Movie Memorabila, Rare Comics and Toys.
Reel Art Collectibles

We sell movie posters, prints, vintage comic books and rare toys
Schnidey-Man Comics

Comics, art and toys of many varieties at reasonable prices!
Silver Lake Resort

Silver Lake Resort Is Orlando's Best Resort for Theme Park Getaway's! Situated just Minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios! And all the Luxuries you would Expect from a Four Star Resort! With Beautiful Pools and Spas And plenty of Kids Game Rooms, And Don't Forget Theme Park Tickets!
some compnauyasd

St. Charles City-County Library

The St. Charles City-County Library District is your Kaleidoscope of Discovery. Over 2 million St. Charles County residents visit our 12 branch locations each year. Every day the Library is changing and evolving, offering new services and exciting events and classes for all ages, expanding the eLibrary collection, and enhancing our customers’ Lib...

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The Haven Merc

Our family buy, sell & trade vintage Star Wars. We create the coolest Star Wars Vintage Customs like Darth Leia. Our three sons, 9, 11 & 12 help out selling Minifigures, they will have over 1000 at any given Con.
The Owens Group/Columbia Pictures

The Three Sisters

Snap Jewelry, Floating Charms and Lockets, Knit Good, Fleece Goods, Floral Goods
The Toy Bomb

Welcome to The Toy Bomb, the toy store exploding with fun! Let this be your one stop shop for all vintage to modern day era toys, action figures, and collectibles.
Thought Bubble

We will feature modern pop culture items like CGC and raw comics, Funko! and pop culture supplies to get all your comic con finds home safe and protected!
Toys of our Youth

Toys of our youth is a returning vendor offering a wide selection of new and vintage collectibles. Comic, horror, scifi, fantasy, anime, gaming...we have it all. In addition we now have a physical location with 1000 sq ft of collectibles only minutes from the convention.

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Vault 0

The unconventional conventioneers. Creating and selling custom costumes and coplay gadgets and accessories; by fans for fans.
Wayward Apple Gifts

Geek-tastic handmade coasters, mugs, mouse pads, socks, light switch plates, baby onesies, soap, candles, bath bombs and t-shirts.
Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.

Welcome to the wild side. We are event focused and experience driven. Find our Western Themed Soda Stand at fairs and festivals all across the nation. Grab your self one of our premium, high quality stainless steel mugs, and earn unlimited daily refills of our DELICIOUS Olde Fashioned Soda Pop. There’s a flavor for everyone, so just go with the f...

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Yeti Gaming Rebel Division

We specialize in Pokemon TCG, MTG, Star Wars Destiny, and X-Wing Miniatures. We are a family owned business in Mtn. Grove, MO partnered with the Yeti Gaming store in St. Louis, MO. We provide a fun and welcoming environment for all ages and players!
zocalo connection

Selling anything dealing with multimedia, comic ,TV or movies.