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Quad Cities Mighty Con


Balke Studios

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios which focuses on 2D CEL Animation. In addition to creating animations, the studio also produces weekly Comic Strips, Comic Strips ANIMATED! and Comic Books.  The Studios was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working...

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Carla Perez

Best known for her role as the evil sorcerous, Rita Repulsa on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. Carla began her career portraying RITA Repulsa back in 1993 to present day. She has all together appeared in 75 episodes over several seasons which include: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, P...

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Iowa Ghostbusters

Iowa Ghostbusters is a fan group started in 2011 by Matt Bousman and Andrew Smith. We aren't real paranormal investigators or eliminators, but we play them on the internet.
Jeremiah Lambert Art

Jeremiah Lambert, mechanical engineer by day, art freelancer by whenever else... Doing gigs for Hasbro for both Transformers (Movie versions, Rescue Bots and the current Robots in Disguise) and Tonka Truck (Tonka Chuck) promotional art, as well as Masters of the Universe exclusives for Mattel/MVCreations.  He...

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Robert Axelrod

Robert Axelrod also credited as Axel Roberts is an American actor who has been in several movies and lent his voice to television shows including Digimon, having started vocal acting for the English versions of Japanese cartoo...

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Terry Pavlet

Wisconsin-based Terry Pavlet has been a professional Illustrator in comics, RPG, animation and toys. He has worked on such books and characters as Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Indiana Jones, He-Man, Batgirl, Bugs Bunny, Kim Possible, the Flintstones, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulthu, just to name a few. He has worked for Image Comics, Dark Horse Comi...

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1st line survival

Adam Swanson & Nancy Wiebel

Adam & Nancy are a pair of professional artists from the Chicago area. Make sure you visit and see these two very unique art styles on display, this year. Whether you love Nancy's beautiful Watercolor paintings and adorable stickers and charms, or Adam's fun, colorful, and cute Pinups - We're always happy to meet new people, talk shop, and share th...

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Adam Sward / Lowside Comics

Adam Mathison-Sward is a Minnesota-based and internationally published illustrator and tattoo artist, with frequent ventures into music, podcasting, and stand-up comedy. Lowside Comics is the banner flying above Adam's creator-owned comic book work, including PLOTSICK, ELECTRIC HANGOVER, MY AWFUL MOUTH and the daily web-comic, ALWAYS KINDA ITCHY.
Aerosoul Studio

I make pop culture portraits with stencils and spray paint on found objects.
Angry Parrot Forge

I'm a metal sculptor and blacksmith with a focus on sci fi and fantasy.
Angry penguin studios

Up and coming art studio focusing on comic books, graphic novels and welcoming.
Art by Alé

Alé is a latino comic book artist from San Antonio, TX. His debut work is the comic book Xeno-Guardian Red Visor GO!
Art of the Tinman

On the spot custom portraits, super detailed fan art, comics, toys, Pokemon loot; cosplay talk- Tinmans got you covered.
Artwork by Sydney

Chicago-area artist--I'm a super hero enthusiast (and the occasional villain) and I hope you like my work! See it at sudraws.com or on Etsy (shop name: SUDraws).

Pencil drawn Pokemon mashups
Aubrey Downey

Aubrey Downey loves creating stories with her digital paintings. Drawing from personal interests, she crafts short tales of odd characters. Check out this QC based artist's funky fantastical illustrations.
Beads by Chelsea

We create pixelized fan art depicting characters from popular fandoms, most notably Dragonball and Pokémon. We take custom orders and requests and we are always making new pieces to share on our social media.
Beads by chelsea

Pop culture inspired fan art and bath product by a local female artist and business owner
Camron Johnson Illustrations

www.camronjohnson.com Artist/illustrator
Clay Me Cuties

Handmade fantasy and whimsical figurines and charms. Along with watercolor painting prints and illustrations.
Dark matter artwork

Artwork by Richard Young.
Daydreamer Art (Carri Williams), Stars and Spikes (Laura Ducros)

Daydreamer Art is the Fantasy art of Carri Williams. She specializes in acrylics and paints fairy art, fantasy art, and strong female characters, whether it be goddesses or super-heroines. Stars & Spikes is an artisan crafter who specializes in embroidered hand and bath towels and crocheted accessories. She carries multiple fandoms and has somethin...

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DMEN Designs

DMEN Designs creates and sells one-of-a-kind pieces of Custom Functional Art. Such as Tables, Coasters, Photo Frames, Wall-Hangings, and even Light/Outlet covers, using REAL comic books!!! facebook.com/dmendesigns

Beautifully macabre creations to tickle your scary bone!
Eallison Books

I write and sell my zombie books, and I sell handmade zombie dolls
EAllison Books

I am a self-published author from the Quad City area, and my main focus is zombie related fiction. I will have all my books available for purchase along with my new product-Zombie Love Plushies!
Echo Jewelry + Gifts

Echo Jewelry + Gifts offers handmade, geek- and fandom-inspired glass dome pendants, hand-stamped metal jewelry, key chains, glitter bottle treasures and hand-crafted gifts for all occasions. Owner and artist Caroline Francis founded Echo in 2014, and loves celebrating her fandoms (especially all things Whedon-verse) through crafting and creating. ...

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Factory of Fear

Factory of Fear is the largest, and longest running indoor haunted attraction located in Moline, IL.

Gregg Paulsen Artist


Jalapeno Ghost Illustrations

Julio Gaytan is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist and the founder of Jalapeno Ghost Illustrations. Specializing in drawing obscure and odd ideas. He is currently working on the Hamurai series, the only comic with samurai pigs wielding bacon swords. Physical copies are available for purchase.
jason essex @ angel e. perez

we are 2 artists with 2 different styles both push the imagination

Artist-Writer-Singer/Songwriter-YouTuber-Creator of DreamersEcho, a mind-bending fantasy adventure, inspired by classic JRPGs and steampunk! Set in a desolate world where people were robbed of their powerful dreams, a young man awakens from a vision of a devastating future. Could this be the resurgence of dreams... or the coming of the first nightm...

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Jewell Walton Art

Original Pop culture prints, sketchbooks, and comics featuring art by Jewell!

Children's Book & Print Artist
Kelsey Rushing Art

I am a Milwaukee based artist specializing in pastel drawings on wood of anything pop culture related. Original drawings and prints for sale.
Kimberlee Ann Bastian

Kimberlee Ann Bastian has a love affair with American nostalgia, mythology, and endless possibilities. When she is not in her writer's room or consuming other literary worlds, she enjoys hiking and cycling around the bluffs of her Southeastern MN home and catching up on her favorite pop culture. The Breedling and the City in the Garden, the first i...

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Kingdom Comics

Kingdom Comics publishes faith-based comic books for all ages. All stories contain original characters and original styorylines from artists all over the world. Comic titles include; The Anointed 7, Quiver, and Kingdom Comics Presents.
M. Ainihi

Local fantasy author M. Ainihi. Visit concealed realms in Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel and discover some secrets are better left buried.
Maggie Kohnen

Maggie is a self-taught artist from Arlington Heights, Illinois partnering with iCon Tournaments as she works her way into the real world of artists and vendors. Specializing in digital and traditional illustration, Maggie is changing the way conventions
Mighty Pegasus Art

Greetings, I am an artist based in Saint Paul, MN and i starting this journey to go around Comic and Anime Convention to live my dream of becoming a famous artist! I want to inspired people of any age to follow their dreams. Time will not wait for us to make it happen, so lets do it together!!
Mike McMahon

Worked for Cathartic Comics and Counterpoint comics. Currently working on USAssasin for Arcana with Mark (savage hawkman) Poulton.
Murderous Automaton, Inc.

From the world of tomorrow comes the artwork of Murderous Automaton, Inc.! Thrill as giant robots crush cities underfoot! Marvel at fan art of your favorite ‘80s characters! Reel in astonishment as you read the original comic “The Revival”! BE AMAZED!!!
MWM Art Studios

Original artwork created in a broad array of mediums, styles, and subject matter by Wisconsin artist, Matt McIntyre.
Nathan T. Wright Illustration

Nathan T. Wright is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Des Moines, Iowa, specializing in custom illustration projects, prints and books. His work is inspired by sci-fi, comics, emerging tech, animation, cartoon strips and the occasional glass of whiskey.

High Grade Silver and Bronze Age Comics.
Odd Kelpie Armory

Purveyor of fun and fantastic treasures for larp, cosplay, and imaginative play.
Patrick McLaughlin

Author Patrick McLaughlin was born in Washington DC but has lived primarily in Moline, Il., since he was 5 years old. He is a graduate of Moline High School and Marycrest University. Ever since he was 10 years old he has wanted to be an author. "The Zoo" is his first book.
Paul Alan

"The way Paul Alan interweave's technology in his writing is particularly brilliant. I think Rebel Lexis is ground breaking stuff on so many points...Jason has a sort of anti-hero feel to him. He's a survivor." - Writer, Kelechi Agu. At Paul Alan's table are signed books, art,

Handmade plush stuffed animals and toys.
Rad Vintage

Vintage Toys and Fun Stuff from the 80s and 90s. Please put our tables next to Alleycat Comics. We work together. Thank you
Rafael Nieves

RJ Arlen Art

R.J. Arlen is a freelance graphic/concept designer, illustrator and comic artist from Iowa.
Schmidt n' Giggle

Cool Illustrations and what nots!
Steve Baier Pin-Up Art

Steve Baier Pin-Up Art: Original paintings & drawings, plus prints and more featuring the art of Steve Baier.
Superior Beading by Jessie (Feat Razhor & Squirrelbaitart)

Superior Beading by Jessie (Feat Razhor & SquirrelbairArt) bring to you amazing pieces of artwork from drawings, sketches and 8-bit bead figures to handcrafted jewelry. We want you and your home to look and feel as nerdy wonderful as possible and we will definitely be able to assist in doing so.
Tobey Truestory

Telling stories through graphic novels, comics, novels, and short novels.
Trading Card Valhalla

After the battle, when your monsters and warriors have fought and sacrificed themselves for your victory, do not let them rot in the graveyard! Instead, give them new life as the celebrated heroes they are! Trading Card Valhalla is a place where all worn out old cards go, a place where each epic hero of battles long past are forever immortalized in...

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We Are All Corrupted

Dark, horror and surreal pen and ink artist.
Wicked Graffixx/Comixx

Wicked Graffixx, created by the world's first and only comic book artist to use spray paint in comics, Dylan Owens, features the world's first spray painted comic, "The Faceless," as well as his many original spray painted pieces, featuring our most beloved characters in comics, film, and more.
Will Haun


2D x ME

If you have an animated significant other then we have them here waiting for you to take them home. We have all your anime and video gaming characters in many different forms to suit your wants and needs.
3 Keys Comics

Gold, Silver and Bronze Age Comics
3rd Time Comics

Anderson Collectables

Buy, Sell, and Trade comics. We specialize in Silver and Bronze Age books for kids of all ages.
Anderson Collectibles

Armory Quest

Specializing in high qaulity foam weapons and masks.
Artistic Gifts & Designs

Unique items for all ages from baby to geek! We specialize in gifts for kids and adults. Check out our character towels and blankets, custom key fobs, games and fandom items most of which can be personalized! In addition to all the amazing things we stock, we can customize an item specifically for you or that someone special. Bring us your ideas an...

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Awesome Collectibles

Toys, Jewelry and Masks
Blade daddy

Swords knives
Brains and Brawn Collectibles

Brains and Brawn Collectibles specializes in comic books and all things superhero related!
Captain Jack's Comics


Card-BoardGames specializes in new and used board games and hard-to-find collectible card games. We'll be sure to give you a blast from the past as well as accommodate your current interests. Be sure to check us out!
Cardz Xtcetera

We are a Midwestern convention-based retailer of Anime, Manga, Gaming, collectibles, bookmarks, nerf, plush, wall scrolls, and Japanese snacks.
Collectors Paradise

We have been in business 28 years and specialize in Silver Age to modern back issue comics. We also sell action figures, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-OH and Magic the Gathering cards.
Comic Sandwiches

Replica Captain America shields, Harley Quinn Mallets, Comic Book Displays, Batarangs, and a variety of Emblems! Come Check us Out!
Comic Wreck

Comic Wreck has 100's of Posters & Prints - TV (including Dr. Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf & Walking Dead), Movies (including Golden Oldies like Universal Monsters), Comic & Cartoon Art, Anime/Manga, Video Games and Toys, and JPS-Just Plain Strange -in addition to a wide & weird collection of manga, comics and Pop Culture - related merchandise.
Comix Strip

Comix Strip - Cape Girardeau, MO Comics, Collectibles and more!
Cool Stuff

Japanese toys, monsters, low brow art, comics, vintage magazines, posters, and more

Cool Stuff - Buying/Selling vintage magazines, posters, toys, apparel & comic books.
Crusader Hobbies

We sell Comic Book and Pop Culture Collectibles all across the Midwest! From Funko to Legends to Minis to Comics, we try and have a little bit of everything! We are always open to trades for Minis bring your spares and lets make a deal!
Dave's Comic Vault

Selling everything from golden to modern age comic books
Deviant Apple Illustrations

Original art to meet all of your geeky needs!
Enchanted Collectibles

Crafts- Perler Beads, Crochet, Small cosplay items, Wall art and decor.
Ever After Graphics

Ever After Graphics is a McFarland Wisconsin based comic illustration and toy sales company specializing in pencilled, pen and ink character portraits and various marvel, dc, macfarlane, star wars and transformers collectibles.
First Aid Comics

Fortress comics

Fortress comics located in Clarksville TN.. We buy...sell...and trade comics .. Our slogan "We got Issue"
Fuzzy Fish Collectibles

Geek Inc. Comics

Geek Inc. Comics is your #1 stop for key issues, first appearances, deaths, and other high demand comics!  Plus thousands of back issues going back to the golden age, all priced to move!

Green Bay Comics

COMIC BOOKS!!!---------
Grim Comics

Mix of comics from silver to modern, graded and raw
iCon Tournaments

Ron is the founder of iCon Tournaments. Having made a base for his career by just sending an email, Ron started iCon with the intent to bring his friends closer together through their shared love of Super Smash Brothers. With his love for the video gaming community, Ron has successfully brought video game entertainment all across the midwest. To Ro...

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In This Issue Comics

In This Issue Comics specializes in new release comics, back issues, games, and original art pages. Located at 3796 state street Bettendorf, IA.
Jared Siddall

Jesse Miller

Loki Reeves

I am a glassblower specializing in sculpture, creating whatever the mind can conceive. Come see a live demonstration!
Makin’ Hay Industries

Matt Rybarczyk Comics

Matt Rybarczyk's Comics

THIS is your one stop shop for current releases, keys and standout issues! Please send your want lists to: matt.rybar@gmail.com and I will bring the books to you! Thanks!
MidAmerica Basement Systems

MidAmerica Basement Systems has been in business for over 25 years, specializing in basement waterproofing and humidification. Controlling the moisture levels in your basement has an impact on your entire home! Visit our booth to sign up for a free estimate! Don't put your collection at risk!
midwest collectables

the Quad Cities Largest Supply of sports cards and Comics! 3451 North Fairmont St Davenport, IA... Official grading services for Becket and CBC available, A clean, friendly store with well organized stock.
Mirkywood Emporium

We are a family owned and operated business of wood workers making pop culture related products! We craft pens, quills, wand displays, ornaments, book boxes, wall art, and wands all from wood by us.

NSB Comics

NSC Comics started as two friends in grade school making comics. Many years later, they reunited and have self-published 2 books, with a third nearly complete. These books will be available for sale at this con. Also, there will be other comic-related art, along with mainstream comic books in a range of prices available for sale.
Personal collection

I have been collecting comic books for over 40 years. Today I will be selling over 200,000 vintage comic books. I have many complete sets within my collection.
Play It Retro

We Buy Sell Retro Video Games
Prairie Dragon LLC

Prairie Dragon is a collaborative group of artisans. Each artist is dedicated to making one of a kind items sure to spark imagination. We have dungeon master screens, dice bags and accessories, drink coasters, board games, plush toys, resin art, clay figurines, and t-shirts.    
Pulp Culture Comics


Handmade crafts mostly sewn and crocheted. Hats bags lanyards keychains kitchen towels accessories and amigurami
Smash 2 Win Collectibles

We are a new collectibles company specializing in exclusive and rare Funk Pops! & Dorbz. We will also have some intricately painted sets of Warhammer 40k miniatures available for purchase and pre-order!
Space Gallery Online

Collectibles, gift and craft from the best SciFi movies and pop culture Anime and Cartoon.
Spideyborg Comics and Books

This involves a tale of a few good comic books looking for a decent home. Vintage books, comics, and ephemera gathered here for your viewing pleasure. Graphic novels and comic book related items also available.
Sprint By Universal Wireless - Bettendorf

As a Sprint Authorized Retailer, we proudly sell the latest products, plans and services, offering the most competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. With numerous store locations, we invite you to stop by and learn how Sprint can work for you.
Super Gifts International LLC

We sell handmade costume and cosplay props, wigs and masks and also cosplay accessories.
The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl creates all of her art with regular sidewalk chalk building murals with larger-than-life depictions of comic and pop culture characters.
The Game Changers

The Perler Project

Specializing in video game themed pixel art created with Perler beads. Love what you do and Bead It!

Time Travelers Toys And Collectibles

Toy seller Newer and Older. Lines I carry Transformers, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K. by kenner, Star Trek, Mego Corp Toys, Legos, He-Man MOTU, LJN'S AD&D, and many others. Hope to see ya at the con.
Tipi dreamz

We sell Marvel comic t-shirts from 18 month to 7XL. Our inventory consists of around 200 different style prints. We carry about 3000 t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodie sweatshirts. Additionally we have hats, belts, leather wallets, purses, jewelry, keychains, travel mugs and much much more. Everything we carry is an officially licensed product, with...

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Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games is a publisher of tabletop roleplaying and card games. They publish thrilling dark fantasy sourcebooks, adventures and spell cards for the Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder RPGs along with publishing their own popular social card games and unofficial expansions for Cards Against Humanity.
Vault 0

The unconventional conventioneers. Creating and selling custom costumes and coplay gadgets and accessories; by fans for fans.
Vinyl Vaults

Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.

Welcome to the wild side. We are event focused and experience driven. Find our Western Themed Soda Stand at fairs and festivals all across the nation. Grab your self one of our premium, high quality stainless steel mugs, and earn unlimited daily refills of our DELICIOUS Olde Fashioned Soda Pop. There’s a flavor for everyone, so just go with the f...

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XS Energy Drinks

XS Energy Drinks - This is a Zero Sugar, Zero Carb Energy Drink which is loaded with B Vitamins and available in 13 different flavors. It is designed to help people get the necessary B Vitamins which boost their energy.