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Sell Your Collectibles With Geek Inc Comics!

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Ready To Turn Your Hobby Into Money?

You've spent years on your hobby, poured your time and sweat into it, not to mention all that hard earned money.  Is it time to get some return on all that investment?  Well Geek Inc. Comics is here to help!

Geek Inc. has spent years building the reputation we have as the company that offers you more for your collection.  We've bought collections of all sizes from a handful of comics in a single over-sized Ziploc bag to massive collections of toys and statues requiring multiple trucks to haul.  But no matter big or small, the most important thing to us is that when you bring us your collection we treat you the way we'd want to be treated.  We'll go through everything carefully, give you a fair market value on your collection and go through how we got to that number, then make you an offer based on that.  

We're happy to travel to you if you can't bring your collection to us, and even if you don't end up selling to us we're still happy to evaluate your collection and let you know how much you should be asking for.

Geek Inc. also deals in a lot more than comics! We're happy to appraise and make an offer on your toys (both modern and vintage), video games, collectors cards, card games like Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, magazines, models, and anything else pop culture related.

Ask anyone who's sold to us and they'll all tell you that we encourage everyone to shop around, because that's just how confident we are that our offer will be the best. So go ahead, check with the other guys, then bring us their offer when you're ready to make more. Reach out to us today at GeekIncComics@gmail.com or via Facebook at /GeekIncComics!

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