Mighty Con Milwaukee Returns 9/21/14 To Serb Hall

Mighty Con Milwaukee Returns 9/21/14

Back by popular demand, Mighty Con Milwaukee Comic Book Show returns to the American Serb Hall on Sunday, September 21st, 2014.  What makes Mighty Con so different from all the other comic book shows this year? This event actually welcomes the whole family with low prices, free parking, and tons of great deals for people of all ages. This is one comic book show you can’t miss, with tons of give aways and thousands of comic books, toys, statues, posters, t-shirts, video games, artists, and collectibles of all shapes and sizes.

When Is The Comic Book Show?

Mighty Con takes place on Sunday, September 21st from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where is the Comic Book Show?

Mighty Con takes place at the American Serb Hall, 5101 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53219

How much is the Comic Book Show?

Adults are just $3, and kids 12 and under are free.  But you don’t just get admission for that.  Every person who attends Mighty Con gets a free comic book at the door to get their day started off right, and then a drawing from our famous Everybody Wins Raffle, the only raffle where every single drawing is a winner!

Want to get in early?  If you order your pass online, you can get in at 10:00 a.m., a half hour ahead of everyone else!  Get first grab at all the best deals: click here to pre-order your passes!

After pre-ordering, you can pick up your passes the morning of the show.

Looking to Sell Your Collectibles Or Show Off Your Brand At Mighty Con?

Unfortunately, we are sold out of vendor and artist spots for this show, but follow us on Facebook and/or email us at MightyConVendors@gmail.com for info on our next show and how to get on the waiting list.

Who will be there?


Geek Inc Comics - Specializing in low priced key issues, Geek Inc Comics has that hard to find issue that you’ve been looking for!  With thousands of keys from the silver, bronze, copper and modern ages, as well as tons of low prices back issues, you’ll find everything you need at the Geek Inc Booth

Pulp Culture Comics And Collectibles – With one of the largest collections of autographed comic books around, you’ll be astounded by both their selection and his prices!  Everything from classic vintage issues to new variants to limited edition prints, all at rock bottom prices and many pieces signed by the artists, writers, creators, or any combination.  This is definitely a must see booth!

 Sutdog comicsMy name is Mike and my part time business is Sutdog Comics, Sutdog is what my friends call me. My regular job is as a special education teacher. So with comics not being my main source of income I can afford to sell my comics for really cheap. My specialty for Mightycon will be $1 golden, silver and bronze age. I will also have nicer silver and bronze age books for $3 and $5 each still a low price. I sell a lot of cheap lots and key issues on eBay under Sutdog Comics. I’m always looking for more comics to buy, old or new, cheap or valuable

Mark & Matt Leuck.  For Mightycon we will offer one table filled with bronze age & modern age comic books priced @ 3 for $1  or 100 for $30 .  Another table of golden age,silver age & bronze age comic books- priced at  $1@, $2 @,  $4@ ,$5@       plus silver and golden age comics  60%-80% below guide prices .  And a variety of bargain priced action figures

Ken Smith Toys

James Bula

Jim Droese Comics

John Hauser

Angeltha Goth

Daniel Williams

Eight Bit Flashback

John Simchak

Timothy Compton

Maia Muldrow

Toyman Collectibles

Luke Miller

Todd Boeshringer

Scott Harpt

Randy Kohloff

Tango Comics

Luke Walsgrove

Time Toy Collectibles

Murtz Comics

Tim Von Rueden

 Pui Che - Hiya, My name is Pui. I am a Enthusiast, Passionate artist and a Champion-believer that, so long as you put your heart into the work you produce, the result will speak for itself.
“Beauties are in the details.” -unknown
The Art of Art- The more intently you observe your surroundings, the more you will see beyond its simple surface-glance textures. The growing scratches on the wall- actually rugged mile-deep terrains. Or the age-old wine stain cemented by the event that took place; all are too often glanced over. Faces and places; many times just a thought or a memory. Enchanting and enchanted, overlapping senses that no single word can explain and implore any greater than. That in it all are the essence I pursuit- “Art.”

Krystal Williams

Dan Hetzel

Chris Keefe

Maia Muldrow

Kat Musni

Formula 350

Ben Raszeja

Robert Erwine

Monologue Comics

Jason  Hughes

Plus many more to come!

Don’t forget to pre-order your passes now for early admission!  Click here to Pre-Order

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