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Cosplay Contest Rules And Schedule

2017-02-10 19:21:41

Hello fans, for those of you who would like to take part in a cosplay contest at a Mighty Con show (sponsored by the wonderful Circuits and Sewing Needles) here's the info you need to know:

Schedule: Kids Masquerade Parade is at 12 PM. Lineup begins at 11:50, sign up is until 11:45. This is a non-competitive event where kids up to 11 can walk in the masquerade and show off their great cosplays! Teen Costume Contest is at 1:30 pm, lineup begins at 1:15 PM, sign up is until 1:10. This is ages 12 to 17. Adult Costume Contest is at 2:30 pm, lineup begins at 2:15pm, sign up is until 2:10. This is ages 18 and up. **Sign-up is at the Circuits and Sewing Needles Booth!**

Rules: 1. Costumes must be family appropriate meaning nothing explicitly sexual is allowed. Just use your discretion. 2. Costumes do not have to be made by you but judges do ask information regarding costume creation. 3. Please be respectful of the cosplayers, bullying is not tolerated. 4. Please be on time to the events. We do not accept late sign up or late arrival.

Shop Online For Comics Now!

2017-02-01 14:54:52

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2016-11-23 12:19:02

This Friday, from a special 8 a.m. opening time until close on Sunday at 5 p.m. it's our Black Friday / Anniversary sale!  Everything in the store is on sale, so get that holiday shopping done early!  It's 25% off ALL back issues, including high end wall books and graded books, 25% off on toys, t-shirts, posters, and statues.  50% off on trades and all $2 back issues, making those thousands upon thousands of books just $1 each!

That's this Friday, November 25th starting at 8 a.m.!

Recent Podcasts

Mighty Cast 47: Comics Are Fun Again!

2017-04-18 16:27:42

Welcome back fans, Paul and Bill are back to give you the rundown on the latest in comics and comics culture. C2E2 is taking place this weekend in Chicago, and it's one of the largest conventions in the world.  The guest list is stacked, the vendors and artists are all ready, and it's gearing up to be one heckuva show.  Tune in next week for a review, but we hope that everone listening can make it on out!

The Thor: Ragnorak trailer is out, and it's looking amazing!  With all the fun and humor that we expect from Guardians of the Galaxy, this could be the best Thor movie yet.  Meanwhile the Last Jedi trailer is also out, and while a fun look at the upcoming film, the trailer gives away exactly nothing about the movie itself. Plus some news bits on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (and 3!).

Finally, the biggest part of this weeks episode, the comics.  This week sees the release of Secret Empire 0, and Batman #21. Both kick off in earnest major storylines that fans absolutely hated on first site, but are looking like they could be the best storylines either company has dished out in years. The Button will be much shorter, but the implications could be extremely wide reaching. Meanwhile Secret Empire kicks off with a bang, leaving us waiting in anxious anticipation for the next issue.  Both of these are must reads, and both series could relieve us from the fatigue we've felt at crossovers for years now.

So take a listen, as always let us know what you think, and as always thank you for listening!

Mighty Cast Episode 45: How Solid Is The Iron Fist?

2017-03-26 19:57:46

Welcome back to episode 45!  Paul and Bill break into Iron Fist this week, which just had it's big Netflix premiere.  This was the final of the Netflix Defenders shows, and unfortunatley was by far the weakest.  The Geek Inc duo break down where it fell flat, but also give some birght points from the show, ultimately deciding that it's worth a watch, just don't expect the same level of quality you got from the other Marvel Netflix shows. 

This week also saw some big comic releases, including a big development for Thor that Bill and Paul break down. Plus some movie news including new Justice League images, and all in all a very thorough show with some bonus time thrown in.  Give it a listen, and as always let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

Mighty Cast Episode 44: Welcome Josh From Pulp Culture

2017-03-14 19:05:08

Welcome back fans, we're here this week with special guest Josh Goes from Pulp Culture Comics!  Josh is a long time friend of Mighty Con and Geek Inc. Comics, and he's here to share some info on upcoming conventions and what you can expect over the next couple of months.

The Big Apple Comic Con was last weekend, and it made some big headlines around the comic book world.  Get the skinny here, and find out if this show is worth the trip (spoiler alert, it totally is!).  Then we get into the latest in TV and Movie news, with Wonder Woman dropping a new and final trailer, and Logan dominating the box office. Legion is taking over our Wednesday nights, becoming one of the most amazing shows we've ever seen, let alone one based on a super hero.  But just who is the mystery villain that haunts each episode?  We have some theories we can't wait to share.

Finally it's time to talk about comics themselves.  Some great new titles are worth checking out, and we're giving you the skinny.  So tune in, check it out, and let us know what you think on Facebook as always!